What the Environment of Construction Looks Like

What the Environment of Construction Looks LikeNo, we’re not talking about the road or the environment in which construction takes place physically. We’re talking about the past, the current and the future, before we know that construction is in a good place. Restumping Melbourne is a company that is dedicated to ensuring that the environment that we create is one that’s diverse, and ever-growing.

So, let’s look at the support. Let’s look at who is being integrated into the current work environment and why.

We’ve already heard about the #metoo movement. It’s no joke, and no question that it’s an important issue around women in the workplace. You know what the great thing is? Women in the workplace are more prevalent than ever, and especially with the team at Restumping Melbourne. In fact, we celebrate them. On a daily basis, and today – that means that we discuss their role in construction not only here, but around the globe. Read on for more information:

Here are some fun stats –

Just in the UK alone – let alone the other countries around the world, the Construction Industry Training Board, also known as CITB, female employees are a slim 14.5 percent population of construction workers.

Even better, women in manual trades are only two percent.

Remember the recession, yes – women in these areas did flourish during this time… in fact, up to 18 percent around the world. But while one may always be on the horizon, this one is a long time ago.

Here’s a current statistic, thanks to Refinery29, “According to the UK’s Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), only 14.5% of construction workers are female.”

Heads up – their article is one to check out. It chronicles some of the best women in the business and how exactly they’re smashing the glass ceiling for women in the construction industry. Check out more information here.

Enough about that. What can we do? What are the best ways to diversify the landscape of those that are participating and creating change in the construction industry? It’s easy enough to put your name on something and to say that you want to create change, but that’s not enough. Here are our best practices and ideas:

  • Attend as many talent recruiting events as possible. They’re the best way to determine the best and the brightest of the future – and more often than not, those are women.
  • Do your research. If you work in the construction industry, or if you are looking to get into it, take a gander at the different businesses around you, and what they’re looking for. Look at their values, look at the population of employees and look at the gaps in which you want to slot your best offerings.
  • Finally, show up. If you’re a woman in construction, we want to hear from you. We’re pretty sure that you have something to bring to the game and that other companies around us feel the exact same way.

With all of the above, reach out! Questions? Comments? The Restumping Melbourne team can’t wait to hear from you.