Three Things to Consider When Building a Pool

Three Things to Consider When Building a PoolLet’s face it, having a pool is pretty awesome. We’re willing to bet that some of our Restumping Melbourne blog readers are the ones that the rest of us can be quite green with envy over. Sure, they require some maintenance. And yes, a majority of the year they probably go unused, but when they do- you’re looking at an endless season of relaxation, of neighbor envy and of killer pool parties- day or night. So, why not consider building a pool?

Restumping Melbourne encourages our readers with the time and with the means to think about pool options for their property. There are many questions and topics that you’ll want to look into, if this is a route that you want to go. Luckily, Restumping Melbourne and our team of specialists is also a great place to start to answer many of these aforementioned questions. We’ll work with our valued customers to evaluate the terrain. Are there any issues with the surrounding grounds? Are there specific pool-constructing materials that you should stay away from, based on the current terrain? Can your pool only be a certain depth, due to council building codes? These are all questions that you probably don’t want to put too much brain power around. And that’s why we’re here!

So let’s just go ahead and say that the Restumping Melbourne team will take care of all of the boring—but essential—building components. That brings us to today’s post topic. Today’s post topic? Building a pool with STYLE. So, what are some great ways to add a little pizzazz to your pool?

The first idea is actually a bit of a marriage between fun and function. We’re dipping our toes into the shallow end of the fun pool, so to speak. (Yes, yes, that was indeed a pool pun). But when building a pool, determining the shape and size of it, is an important decision for both the builder and the party-goer. Planning to do laps? Then you’ll perhaps want a rectangular pool. Looking for a more unique shape? Always an option.

Next, you’ll want to think about extra features. They do each come with a price tag, but sometimes that price tag is worth it. Items that fall into this category include diving boards, slides, and free-floating islands. A last popular option? An adjacent hot tub. The thing to remember with hot tub costs is that they also begin to infringe slightly on your utility bills.

And third, you’ll want to think about landscaping. The costs of landscaping have a bit of tradeoff, as they add extra privacy to your home. You can keep it simple, or get fancy with whatever plant life you’d like. This is also an opportunity to explore different materials for an adjacent deck, to host your loved ones for barbecues day or night.

While each of these do come with price tags, remember two things- one- a lot of these elements add value to the home! And two- making memories with your loved ones is often… yes, you guessed it- priceless.