Spotlight on a Quality: Honesty

Spotlight on a Quality: HonestyBusiness success and customer relationships are a puzzle. At least, that’s how the team at Restumping Melbourne feels. There’s no fail-safe way to ensure that you’re going to show up in the best light to your customers and there’s no guarantee that your plan of attack is going to work. As with anything “worth it”, it takes hard work and a lot of perseverance. It takes being told “no” over and over again. It takes being okay with that and knowing that for every “no” you hear, you’re one step closer to a “yes”. We chronicle this journey on our blog, and we do so with total honesty. What better fitting quality within our business ethos to kick off this series with? Know that in the coming weeks, we’re committed to showcasing the best of our business, and most importantly ­– our team.

What does “honesty” mean to you? If we turn to Webster’s or another dictionary, we’re likely to find a generic definition around simply telling the truth. Sure, that is at the crux of what honesty means to us, but the arenas in which we want to tell said truth are vast and some are surprising. Let’s dive into a few:

We always want to be honest about our processes. We want to be upfront about how long a job will take and exactly the types of roles that will go into it. We’ve talked about this on the blog before, but we never want to be the type of company that tells you one thing when the work kicks off, and something entirely different a week later.

We want to be honest about the different materials that we choose to use. And honest with ourselves when we don’t think that something isn’t working. We’ll talk about this in future posts, but to us, if we don’t keep searching for the greatest and newest, well – we’re becoming complacent. And that’s something that we never want to be in an industry, where you have many options to choose from.

Finally, we want to be honest about feedback. That goes both ways and is the reason that we continue to reiterate how we share your constructive criticism with everyone that we work with. After all, what’s the best way to learn? The reverse is true as well. Anyone that’s working on the foundation of your home, should be seen with the foundation of a true and honest friendship, as well as a partnership. So, if we think that it’s not a good match, we have no problem looking at the other multitude of amazing vendors in the area. It’s also a question of being honest about the services that we offer. We know we’re the best of the best, (and very humble if you couldn’t tell), but we’d be nothing without our partnerships and without you.

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