Restumping Spotlight: What is Compaction Grouting?

Restumping Spotlight: what is Compaction Grouting?No need to remind our readers of the passion that this company has for all things home renovation. We wouldn’t be here if we weren’t so driven to provide the best restumping services to the area. In fact, it’s this same passion which drives us to educate our customers and keep them in the know. We truly feel that when we share a bit of our geekiness, we impart a bit of this passion, and also ensure that we’re empowering our customers to be an important part of the restumping process. This means that we love to share fun facts, myths debunked and restumping buzzwords whenever we can on the Restumping Melbourne blog. And today, today is a lucky day. Today, we dive into compaction grouting.

It’s a bit of a mouthful, and also known as pressure grouting. Base definition- compaction grouting is a great way to consolidate all of the soil in the foundation area of your home or business by injecting it directly with grout. Soil consolidation occurs when you decrease the volume of soil that you have under a home or business. The reverse occurs when the pressure in the soil reduces and the soil rebounds. This happens frequently when the soil absorbs a lot of water.

The benefits are multifold. Not only are you able to help stabilize the structure, but you actually improve the quality of the ground underneath before you even begin construction in the area.

How does one go about compaction grouting? It all begins with an analysis of the ground. Based on that, your contractor will draw up plans. In order to inject the grout directly, your contractor will need to install injection pipes. These need to be a particular length so that they can get to a certain depth under the foundation. Contractors install these either by driving with a sacrificial point, or by drilling them in a pattern that mirrors a grid. The size will totally vary, anywhere from six feet to 12 feet. Grouting can be injected up to 80 feet below the ground. The installation process begins at the outermost points of the property, and contractors work their way inward. The grout is low slump and is injected with a low volume, high pressure pump. The ultimate effect is a globular shape, because the pipe is withdrawn so slowly.

You’re doing your property a huge service, completely re-stabilizing it and ensuring that the construction process can now proceed with no worries. You’ll feel far more secure for years to come, knowing that the ground beneath you has been reinforced so well. Some individuals or families combine this with underpinning, if they’re particularly worried about their foundation over a long period of time.

Restumping Melbourne loves to identify DIY projects whenever we can, but unfortunately this is not one of them. This is a difficult and precarious process, that should really be executed by professionals. When in doubt, give us a shout. We’re happy to walk you through the different solutions that will make your structure safe and sound.