Restumping- The Buzzwords You Need to Know

Restumping- The Buzzwords You Need to Know

We promised a post with restumping buzzwords and by golly, we like to deliver. One of the parts of the Restumping Melbourne ethos that we’re especially proud of, is our promise to deliver, our dependability. Whether it’s the physical quality of our work, or the constant and transparent communication, you can always depend on the Restumping Melbourne team.

A lot of the language used by our team can sound confusing. Whether it’s different parts of the process, or different names for materials, sometimes you might be wondering what the heck we’re talking about. We’re not trying to pull the wool over your eyes by any means. In fact, we aim to educate our valued customers so that they’re completely in the loop about our work. We want you to question us, to challenge us if need be. We want you to feel fully invested in the process. Here are some restumping buzzwords that you may hear us use:

Batten: a long, flat strip of squared wood or metal used to hold something in place or as a fastening against a wall. Can also be used to describe the art of strengthening or fastening something. Exactly what we aim to do when reinforcing the foundation of your home or business.

Concrete stumps: Concrete stumps have a 10mm diameter threaded rod along the top, which helps secure poured concrete pad footings. This rod makes sure that the stump can be securely attached to the frame of the floor. Concrete stumps have an endless shelf life. The only exception is when they’re in the dampest conditions. In damp conditions, the rod that serves as their reinforcement may rust or bow. This is very specific to Queensland, where it’s important to source a different type of stump for your restumping job.

Concrete pad: Concrete pads provide optimal and necessary protection against long term footing settlements. They’re as simple as they sound, slabs of concrete, poured at the base of the restumping job to ensure that everything stays in place, exactly as it should.

Long term footing settlement: While everything else on this list is a positive, long term footing settlements are not. They’re something that you want to avoid. When your foundation or your footings settle improperly, the foundation of your home or business is not set up for future success. That’s when you know it’s time to give Restumping Melbourne and our team a call.

Rot resistant stump: commonly used material in the science of restumping. Victorian red gum stumps are especially common. They’re about 10% less expensive than other types of stumps, but have a shelf life- about twenty years. This shouldn’t effect most families but is important to keep in mind.

Feel like a restumping expert? If you don’t already, you’re well on your way. Questions on any of the above? Feel free to reach out and give our team a call. We’d love to hear from you and talk about anything in the crazy world of restumping.