Reinforcing Apartment Buildings

Reinforcing Apartment BuildingsWe live in all sorts of homes. Note that the Restumping Melbourne team said “home” versus house. That’s because, depending on the size of your family, where you live or a myriad of other factors, there’s no longer a right answer as to the proper size or shape of your home. The Restumping Melbourne team loves this so much because it means that whenever we get to reinforce the foundation of your home, we never know what we’re going to deal with. We might be walking into the perfect plot of land that needs little to no work. We also might be walking into a total nightmare… and we’ll love it either way. It stretches our brains, it makes us work even better as a team, and in the long haul – it just continues to teach us the knowledge that ensures we remain the best in the industry when it comes to restumping, reblocking and underpinning.

There are obviously differences and exceptions when we work on different sorts of plots of land. A big thing here is – how much will the home weigh? Are we talking about load-bearing that’s spread around a large plot of land, or a very tall building that doesn’t have a ton of width or length? This is where we really need to buckle down, think about the right materials and processes, and most importantly – think about you. There is no bigger asset to the Restumping Melbourne team than our customers, and today – we’re focusing on those that live in apartment buildings.

How does one specialize in supporting the foundation of apartment buildings? You know that there are many more people involved, many more families that have different ways of living and that are coming and going at more frequent intervals. We know one thing – apartment buildings and condo complexes aren’t going anywhere. In fact, we’re only going to see more and more of them as the world’s population increases.

The big difference here, between homes that have fewer stories, is that you want the stumps or the parts that really support your foundation, to go far deeper into the ground. When they do, you know that if the common culprits like weather, soil shifting or even events like earthquakes, won’t have nearly as much of a detrimental effect as they would if you didn’t have the stumps at such a deep depth.

They say that all good things are built from the ground up and that all good things take time. We’re not sure if that’s the case all of the time, but we do know that the foundation is a big reason why buildings of this size and stature can take longer to (literally) get off of the ground. But hey, this is a job that you want to have done right, correct?

If you’re looking for more information as someone moving into a new structure, or are a builder who is looking to embark on the journey of starting the next local apartment building – let the team at Restumping Melbourne know.