December Home News

December Home NewsJust because the holidays are right around the corner, doesn’t mean that home news rests. You’ll find that many companies are trying to cram in as much work and as many wins as possible. On the other end of the spectrum, different companies are trying to educate their employees and customers on how to rest as the year winds down. You see all of the above, and we’re here to capture it. We love our monthly home news round-ups. There’s always something that we learn that can support growth and change for the Restumping Melbourne team. Call us nerds, call us geeks, we tend to love what we do, and we tend to love each other. So, it’s no surprise that we get as excited as we do about the following articles. Read on for our best-of-the-Web as we wrap up 2019.

New-Home Construction Activity Continues to Rise

We focus on the foundation of your homes and that may mean that we’re working on a brand-new home or a home that has existed in your family for generations. Either way, it’s important for us to monitor trends in whether renovations or new home construction are the headlines for the coming months. As of right now, we’re looking at a huge upturn in new home construction. We have the summer’s drop in interest rates to thank for that – in part. There was more than 3 per cent increase just in the past couple of months and more than 10 per cent over this time last year. Permitting activity also saw a spike with similar numbers. We relish working on both new and previously owned properties but know that no matter what, you should be fully knowledgeable about what you’re getting into. You can learn more here.

How Landscaping Can Assist Crime Prevention

A big piece of our work is designing foundation reinforcements that keep everything looking pretty. As you can imagine, that includes landscaping and for good reason. Your landscaping is one of the first things that visitors see and it can make or break property values. But there are other benefits to taking care of it as well. One of them you may not think of right off the bat – security. There’s a new term floating around – hostile vegetation. Heard of it? If not, don’t worry. According to this article, “It includes trimming bushes to make sure nothing blocks windows, and there is nowhere for the crooks to hide. Implemented properly, it strengthens gates and limits the number of entryways, improving landscape lighting and upgrading camera systems. Maintenance is crucial once it’s all installed.” Check out this link for more information.

How to Stay Cool over Summer Without Spending a Fortune on Electricity

Finally, it’s time to head inside. And when the temperatures rise, you need to take extra steps to make sure that you’re safe and comfortable. Here’s a fun fact from this article: “The best advice you can give to anybody with an air conditioner is to set your air conditioner at the highest temperature that you can comfortably stand in your home,” he said. “The optimal temperature would be 24 or 25 degrees.” Read all about it here.

Questions? Reach out! We’d love to hear from you.

Why We’re Grateful at Restumping Melbourne

Why We're Grateful at Restumping MelbourneOnce a year, we have a legitimate reason to put together a post on the Restumping Melbourne blog about one of our favourite topics. We have a lot of them. It’s why we continue to be so successful in the business that we’re in – restumping, reblocking and underpinning your properties – because we’re so passionate. We have dozens of topics on which we can wax lyrical with each other and with our customers, and these continue to change and evolve. So, when the holidays come around, it’s great because we don’t have to be the ones out of the ordinary who really, really love our jobs. We like to do these posts once a year, but here are the reasons that we’re grateful this year:

We’re grateful that we continue to have the chance to grow

The needs to reblock, underpin or restump your property aren’t going to go away anytime soon. BUT! The ways in which we can do and have. We get to our sites earlier; we’re more flexible with our schedules – depending on your needs. We can stay later, and we can still be respectful of the needs of our employees.

We’re grateful that we can celebrate each other

We do it every day when we show up with a smile and see what we do as a hobby and passion – not just a paycheck. Our team is our family, and we hope that you can tell when you work with us. A family may not always get along, but they have each other’s backs. We answer each other’s questions, we push each other out of our comfort zones, and we’re there to support each other if there are any challenges that arrive along the way. It’s the best way for us to learn and if you haven’t figured it out already, we’re all about learning around here.

We’re grateful that we’ve been so successful

Don’t worry; it hasn’t gone to our heads. We can only hope that it will continue to be the case for years to come.  But, there’s something especially cathartic about the end of a calendar year, because you can’t help but think back on the last 365 days and everything that you’ve achieved. Sure, there were probably some pits along the way and lessons learned. But, overall at Restumping Melbourne, it has been one for the ages, and it is time to celebrate. The holidays can be stressful, but if you just let loose, eat delicious food, enjoy a beverage if you so desire and hug one that’s close to you, you know that you’ve done everything right.

We’re not quite done with the year yet, but we are raising a glass in celebration to all of the above and to you! Cheers to a wonderful year and a wonderful community of customers.

Questions? Let us know. You can tell that we’re in a jolly mood and can’t wait to hear from you.

Taking Care of Your Home During the Holidays

Taking Care of Your Home During the Holidays This YearThe holidays are almost here and they can be some of the most frustrating and stressful months for many different homeowners. Luckily we live in a country where the holidays are warm and sunny, but even so, there are things that we need to ensure are taken care of when the big holidays roll around. We do this on an annual basis, and this year is no different. It’s time for the Restumping Melbourne team to dive into the best ways to take care of your home during the holidays. Some are weather-related, some are holiday-related, all may seem stressful at first, but if you continue to check in on the Restumping Melbourne blog, all are easily kept under control. Read on for more information:

First up… guests. They’re great; they’re most likely family or friends (granted, they could easily be the type of visitors that drop by without any heads up…) There’s a reason that guests AND the holidays are both on the list of the most stressful life events. You’re dealing with a lot of different types of personalities, and needs, and schedules. We give the biggest kudos to those that host during the time of year when there are so many different expectations. So, how do you take care of your home during this stressful time of year? We recommend a few different things: Meals! Ask if there are any allergies or dietary needs. There’s nothing worse than learning about that when you’re sitting down. Next, plan ahead – especially when it comes to where your visitors are going to sleep. Don’t feel unnecessarily stressed. You’ve got this! Finally, reward yourself. Plan something fun for yourself the weeks after the holidays, so that you have something to look forward to.

Obviously, the Restumping Melbourne team is focused on your home, so our next priority should be the actual structure of your home. Again, luckily we don’t live in an area where snow and rain are going to impede on the holiday fun, but we still have to deal with the weather. This is where taking regular care of your home comes in to play. We’ll keep it short and sweet: Rake, sweep gutters if you think it’s going to be a rainy couple of weeks, make sure that you don’t see any warning signs about your foundation (creaky doors that don’t swing shut properly, weird feeling when you walk across the floors, any peeling paint that could be a sign of moisture damage). Just because it’s warm outside [hopefully], doesn’t mean that you won’t notice any of the above.

Luckily, you’re in partnership with the Restumping Melbourne team and we happen to be great experts at all of the above. So much so, that these articles will continue with many more pieces of advice. Questions in the interim? We’re here. Reach out with whatever you need to make sure that your home is safe and secure, not just during the holiday season, but through all of the seasons of the year.

Restoring Old Stone Foundations

Restoring Old Stone FoundationsThere is something so beautiful about an old home. We’ve talked about it at length before. We know that when you walk on to the property of a storied house, you’re walking into a nature of respect for generations of stories and memories from homeowners before you.

The Restumping Melbourne team is all about being the biggest proponent of your dream home. And we know that that can mean a few different things. It can mean that you’re building your first. It can mean that you’re updating your current. It can even mean that you’re saying goodbye to your current and that you need our help to pass it on to another family or group that will love it just as well as you do.

This all starts with the foundation, and we’ve worked with a variety of sorts over the years. Some materials are more difficult to work with than others, but they’re always very rewarding. One material that saw a lot of love, especially in the 1800s and early 1900s was stone, and we love to bring the historic beauty of these back to functional life so that they can continue being prolific types of foundations for generations to come. Here are some of our best practices:

First of all, don’t despair. There’s no reason to say goodbye to your stone foundation. The easiest way to circumvent substantial costs and the time investment is to add more stone, poured concrete or even a concrete block over the top of the existing foundation. That will allow you a perfectly square and flat new foundation.

Without giving away trade secrets, we do have to share that we’re partial to the concrete block. These allow you a couple of different hollow cores, which help you connect the old stone with the new stone. It doesn’t matter if the blocks don’t match up exactly. In fact, you can have concrete blocks re-sized in many different ways; you just need to work with experts in your area (like the Restumping Melbourne team). Feeling like you want to go about it the “DIY” way? Not a problem. You can easily use a gas-powered saw or even a hammer and cold chisel.

The next step is finding your hammer drill and creating holes that are about ½ inch. Put the bit into the centre of the hollow cores and you’ll want to drill down about 4 – 5 inches.

You may run into a situation where you’re adding multiple courses of concrete block. Don’t necessarily look at special bond-beam concrete – which is what many experts would recommend – it may not pay off in the long haul.

We can’t count the many ways that using concrete blocks on stone foundations can be the best way to go. Our favourite is that the job will be completed much more quickly, than if you spend the time trying to get creative with the cast or poured concrete.

While we’re all about inspiring enthusiasm to get the job done yourself, we also welcome questions. Reach out to the team if you’re thinking about updating your foundation. We’re here to help.

The Different Temperate Zones That You Can Find in Australia

There are definitely different areas around the globe that call to mind a certain temperate zone or even a certain temperature. From the north to the south to the east to the west, there are completely different landscapes… even fifty miles apart. Whitehaven, Forget Bay, there are tonnes that are very prolific just in our backyard. Each needs a completely different plan of attack from the Restumping Melbourne team.

If you live in a warmer climate, get ahead of the game and contact us in the autumn before to get any work done on your property. This sounds a little bit aggressive, but it just means that we can make the plans in advance to ensure that we have all of the equipment and the processes in place, so that there is limited time that you have to spend out of your home.

If you live in a cooler climate, like Victoria, you’re going to work on the same schedule as cities in the Northern Hemisphere. You have a little bit more lead time here if you want work done on the foundation of your house – or any home renovation projects. We share all of our tips and tricks on the Restumping Melbourne blog.

Looking for inspiration if you’re thinking about a home renovation or new project? According to the World Wide Web, here are some sites that you should visit as the seasons change and you’re looking for the best vistas possible:

  • Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park – Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List for not only its cultural values but far more… The park was first added to this particular list back in 1987.
  • Hamelin Pool: This is a protected marine nature reserve located in the UNESCO World Heritage–listed Shark Bay in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia. It’s old… we’re talking more than three million years!
  • The Pinnacles: Another natural feature… The Pinnacles are formations made from limestone within Nambung National Park. This can be found near the town of Cervantes, Western Australia.
  • 12 Apostles: The Twelve Apostles is a collection of stacks built from limestone that can be found off the shore of Port Campbell National Park, by the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. This can be a huge tourist attraction, depending on what time of year you decide to visit.
  • Wave Rock: This is another natural feature. Wave Rock is a formation of natural rock that just happens to be shaped like a tall breaking ocean wave… and can be found in Western Australia.

Do you see a common theme? All of these are natural landmarks, and they’re right here in our backyard. We’re surrounded by beauty and the different locations that you should definitely check out.

Questions? Please reach out to the Restumping Melbourne team. We would love to hear from you and continue the conversation about the best ways to keep your dream home growing and evolving.

The Importance of a Range of Projects

The Importance of a Range of ProjectsVariety is the spice of life, is it not? According to someone who coined it as a frequently used phrase, there is value in mixing things up. We do it in our recipes, we do it with our wardrobes, we probably even do it with our different relationships.

At Restumping Melbourne, we like to believe that this phase translates perfectly to the body of work that we’ve become so well-known for. We like to keep things spicy, it’s why we always continue to expand our body of work. How on earth would we be able to stay so on top of our game, and so on top of the industry if we decided to remain complacent. Answer? We wouldn’t.

So we keep it moving, and we keep looking for new and dynamic plots of land on which we can help reinforce your foundations. If you’re one of our newer blog visitors, then you’ll quickly learn what we’re best known for – our underpinning, restumping and reblocking offerings. Each helps keep your home or business’ structure safe and secure, so that you can get back to worrying about what’s most important – enjoying your life with your loved ones.

Back to those new and dynamic plots of land… dynamic is the key word here. We want every project to be different, because it’s the best way for us to learn. Here are a couple of examples why:

Small Homes: There’s quite literally no room for error here. You’re looking at lower square meters, so we need to be strategic about the ways that we lay out the stumps that help hold up the structure. Homes like this teach us how to be creative problem solvers and definitely enhance our attention to detail.

Large Homes: Large can be subjective, (as can small), but if you’re working with a good size lot, there is most likely a lot of work to be done. Properties like this educate us on the importance of not slacking off. If there’s a larger body of work to be done, that doesn’t mean that we have more time to relax and not worry about it. It means that we need to be lean in our resourcing approach and coaches us on the best ways to support our teammates, so that we can all go home and you can get back in yours as quickly as possible.

Homes on sloped lots: There are so many benefits to living on hills or in hilly areas. Namely? The views that you’re most likely enjoying at the end of a long day. There are trade-offs though, and they’re all structural. When you live in a sloped lot, you need to be extra cognizant of the elements. Rain water and earthquakes cause huge amounts of structural damage. Lots like this remind us why we love a challenge, and hopefully impress you with our know-how and experience.

Questions? Let us know. We can’t wait to hear from you.

How We Got Here

How We Got HereEvery business journey is interesting and unique. Our journeys tell the stories of our struggles and triumphs, the lessons that we’ve learned and the amazing community of teammates and customers that we continue to amass along the way. Think of some great examples… Apple is the first that comes to mind. Steve Jobs was undoubtedly smart and promising, but he had to deal with the politics of everyone around him, ultimately leading him to have to leave the business for a while. That one ended up working out alright; after all, how many of us own iPhones or Apple products these days? There are others that haven’t fared so well, but that’s not an issue you’ll ever have to worry about here.

As you probably assume, the Restumping Melbourne team is no different than Apple in some respects. We started with a simple idea – that we wanted to reinforce your foundations and do so, so that you would never have to go through the process again… at least not for a very long time. Restumping, reblocking, underpinning – we do it all, and we do it well.

We do it well because there are a few different ways that we got here. Let’s share some of the details:

  • We believe in our products. We believe in the products that we started with and we believe in the products that are newly available in the industry. We would never share a product with you that we wouldn’t use on our own properties. And that will always be the case.
  • We do not mind putting in a hard day’s work. Or a hard night’s work for that matter. Reinforcing the foundation of your home is no joke, and anyone that impacts your home should take it very seriously. While we always aim to work around your schedule, know that your schedule should always work around us.
  • We want to learn. We talk about this all of the time on the blog. Complacency is the greatest enemy of improvement and enhancement – two things that we value heavily at Restumping Homes. We don’t see our business as a “check off” or a place where we can get to where we believe that we really know everything. We never will. And we don’t want to. But, part of our enthusiasm and passion is just that – that we want to learn. We have conversations with each other every day. We read all of the associated materials about your dream home. And we go to all of the events possible. We want to touch, feel and learn about materials and processes that will only make your life easier.
  • We will never stop trying. That’s the bottom line. Constructive criticism is our friend and we will always appreciate it. Bring it on – the complaints, the compliments, all of the above. The Restumping Melbourne team will always be here to keep making your home better and better.

October Home News

Home News OctoberWelcome back to the Restumping Melbourne blog! We know that you are here because you care deeply about your home or business – your property at large – and ensuring that it is the best in the area and for the longest time. We feel the same way about our blog. It needs to be the best in the area and for the longest time. How does one accomplish this for their customers? It is done through a variety of sorts of compelling, engaging, entertaining and educational information. All of these elements come to a head during our monthly news round-ups, because they check all of these boxes. We are not just talking about restumping, we are not just talking about reblocking, we’re not just talking about underpinning – we’re talking about all the things that reinforce our passion to design and support the best homes possible. Here we go for the best-of-the-best of articles found on the Web this month:

Should Your Real Estate Agent Give You Referrals When You’re Buying or Selling a Home?

The first part of this deals with relationships. Moreover, the most important relationships at that. Think about joining a union with someone that you care most about. Chances are good that you want to be a part of their lives for many decades. Chances are good for the relationship that we are about to highlight, that you want them to be an important part of your life. Maybe not for decades, but definitely in an impactful way. We’re talking today, specifically about real estate agents. Should you give them referrals? Should they give you referrals? Find out the point-of-view of experts in the business right here on this link.

These Are the Top 10 Cities Where Millennials Can Afford to Buy a Home

The second part of today is taking a really solid look at where you should be living, especially if you have lower income than you anticipated. Buying a home can be a challenge, no matter what your income or point of life is. Fresh out of University? Well into your retirement? Neither of these are a confirmed reason on why and how you should be able to purchase or rent a particular home. Both of these, however, are the best reason for you to take advantage of articles like this one. Win the real estate game and read this article now.

Level Home Raises $71M For Smart Locks

The trifecta today is protecting the hard work that both your family and our business have completed. Your hard work probably encapsulates a dozen different projects and a laundry list as to projects that need to be completed in the coming years. Our work focuses on your foundation, but in the most metaphorical sense, our work sets the foundation (no pun intended) for all of the other projects that you have on your list.  That’s why “smart locks” are such a big deal, and why they’re becoming such a large sector of a growing market in the safety of your home. The trick is to know exactly why they’re so important and the best way to navigate them. Stay safe and check out this article now.

What the Environment of Construction Looks Like

What the Environment of Construction Looks LikeNo, we’re not talking about the road or the environment in which construction takes place physically. We’re talking about the past, the current and the future, before we know that construction is in a good place. Restumping Melbourne is a company that is dedicated to ensuring that the environment that we create is one that’s diverse, and ever-growing.

So, let’s look at the support. Let’s look at who is being integrated into the current work environment and why.

We’ve already heard about the #metoo movement. It’s no joke, and no question that it’s an important issue around women in the workplace. You know what the great thing is? Women in the workplace are more prevalent than ever, and especially with the team at Restumping Melbourne. In fact, we celebrate them. On a daily basis, and today – that means that we discuss their role in construction not only here, but around the globe. Read on for more information:

Here are some fun stats –

Just in the UK alone – let alone the other countries around the world, the Construction Industry Training Board, also known as CITB, female employees are a slim 14.5 percent population of construction workers.

Even better, women in manual trades are only two percent.

Remember the recession, yes – women in these areas did flourish during this time… in fact, up to 18 percent around the world. But while one may always be on the horizon, this one is a long time ago.

Here’s a current statistic, thanks to Refinery29, “According to the UK’s Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), only 14.5% of construction workers are female.”

Heads up – their article is one to check out. It chronicles some of the best women in the business and how exactly they’re smashing the glass ceiling for women in the construction industry. Check out more information here.

Enough about that. What can we do? What are the best ways to diversify the landscape of those that are participating and creating change in the construction industry? It’s easy enough to put your name on something and to say that you want to create change, but that’s not enough. Here are our best practices and ideas:

  • Attend as many talent recruiting events as possible. They’re the best way to determine the best and the brightest of the future – and more often than not, those are women.
  • Do your research. If you work in the construction industry, or if you are looking to get into it, take a gander at the different businesses around you, and what they’re looking for. Look at their values, look at the population of employees and look at the gaps in which you want to slot your best offerings.
  • Finally, show up. If you’re a woman in construction, we want to hear from you. We’re pretty sure that you have something to bring to the game and that other companies around us feel the exact same way.

With all of the above, reach out! Questions? Comments? The Restumping Melbourne team can’t wait to hear from you.

Home News for September

Home News For SeptemberThe weather is getting warmer, right? We know that you’ve been waiting forever… for another installment of the home news that you like best. How else are you supposed to plan for the upcoming season? Our seasoned veterans know that there is no better way to be on you’re a-game than to check out the Restumping Melbourne blog. Our newer visitors, (welcome!) will quickly learn that our blog is an extension of our passion for the business as well as a go-to resource to answer your questions, educate you on all of the industries that we touch and hopefully entertain you in the process. Here we go for the month:

Neighbors Fed up with 24/7 Construction Noise in Downtown SLC

This first article may make you roll your eyes, but we can’t stress the importance of it enough. We talked about it in a recent blog post – in fact, we’ve talked about it in many posts – but it’s just one of those broken records that we can’t stop playing. Speaking of playing, this article is about playing well with your neighbors. A major construction project is causing stress for the neighbors around it, and they’re not afraid to be vocal about it. There are a bunch of different takeaways for this article… they range from the importance to doing your homework to the best ways to play with your neighbors. Check out this link for more information.

Best Decorative Rocks and Stones for Landscaping

On to the next. Yes, our services reinforce the foundation of your home’s structure, but what do you see first? The landscaping of course! It’s time to rock. We know how corny that may sound, but we have no problem leading into the importance of rocks in this age to ensure that your landscaping is the trendiest (and still classic) on the block. That’s a touch award to win. We have Pinterest, we have the World Wide Web, we have word-of-mouth through social media. These can always be dangerous, (thanks to fillers) because you can depict your life in any way that you please. But with Restumping Melbourne, you will always know that we’re authentic and helpful. And that is why we’re sharing this article today. Check out this link for more information.

Seven Creative Ways To Finance Your Home Purchase

Finally, it’s always our duty to discuss the best ways to set you, and your home, up for success, before you decide to take advantage of our services. What’s the magical word here? Finances. This isn’t a word that we normally like to deal with (unless we’re making a lot of money), but it’s just one of those words that we have to know. Luckily, when you scour the Web and find the information that you need to know, you stumble upon articles like this one that allow you to become creative. Seven tips, seven ways to not stress as much about the ways that you will find the funds for your dream home. Check out this link for more information.