Kicking off the New Year with Home News

Kicking off the New Year with Home NewsOh, 2020. We have a good feeling about you. We shared it in our previous post, but we have a feeling that the feeling of being excited about a new year will continue for weeks to come. Enough about feelings. We’re on to the facts. The fact that the Restumping Melbourne team is and will always be committed to sharing information about what’s important to us with you. It was in our New Year’s resolutions after all. The buck doesn’t stop with us doing a good job at reinforcing the foundation of your home. We like to go above and beyond and that means that once a month, we’ll always search the Web or search our memories for the best conversations that we’ve had about the work in the home renovation industry that really piques our interest. If it piques our interest, chances are good that it will pique yours. So, if you’re new – (first of all, peruse the previous articles on our site about home renovations) welcome! And if you’re a veteran, you know that you can read on for the best of the Web this month:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Plan to Repay Taxpayers for Home Renovation

We’d be fools if we weren’t gossiping in a slight way about Meghan and Harry. After all, they continue to make headlines about leaving their roles within the Royal Family and basically redefining what their lives will look like. A big question here was about the taxpayer dollar and how exactly they plan on making their money. Well, while many conversations and negotiations are still occurring, it’s important to read articles like this one. Meghan and Harry recently renovated their current home – Frogmore Cottage (Windsor), which was paid for by taxpayers’ dollars (pounds, if we’re being precise). While you might have seen a different outcome with different individuals, these two are dedicated to the people of their country and will be paying back the entire amount. You can read more information here.

Edible Landscaping

Edible landscaping? Sounds simply like the plants that you purposely add to your garden or your yard in order to supplement a healthy meal. Well, that’s no longer simply the case. In fact, more and more of landscaping schemes are becoming partially or fully edible. Flowers, plants, fruits, vegetables – you name it, it’s becoming the focus. There are many benefits associated. For one, you’re saving a lot of money at the grocers. For another, your landscaping’s aesthetic is even higher and more valuable. And finally, it’s a great habit and time well spent… either for you on your own, or for you and your children. Check out this link here.

15 Home Decor Trends

And as always, we must head to the inside of your humble abode. If for no other reason, then to remind you that teams like that of Restumping Melbourne make sure that your interiors are as comfortable as possible. Ah, the above-mentioned New Year. 2020 will bring a dozen or more great techniques and trends to up-level your home and put it ahead of its game. Check out this list – no spoilers here – from Good Housekeeping.