March Home News

March Home NewsHow is it already March? Soon we’ll have even cooler weather and get to celebrate all of the fun that comes with that. If you’ve checked out previous posts, you know that we have a countdown clock on.

While there are a million different directions that the Restumping Melbourne team could go, we tend to focus on your home. You’ll see all sorts of posts and information on this blog – our way of connecting with you and starting the conversation about reinforcing the foundation of your home. As shared before, we find stability in consistency, which we think helps our prospective and current customers feel as comfortable with our team and the work that we do, as possible. So… guess what time it is! That’s right. March home news. Read on for our favorite finds from around the internet this month:

Build A $10 Million Home

Who doesn’t love a good online test? We’re pretty saturated with them these days. Hey, some of them are pretty bad, but others are pretty good and help you with big decisions that you might not have even known that you had. Well… we found one of the latter, on BuzzFeed (surprise, surprise). It’s become a great hub for not just quizzes, but interesting and visual articles. While we’re not focusing on those today, we do recommend that you check them out. Today, however, you get to act like a millionaire (or billionaire if we’re looking at some of these questions). Build your dream home, we dare you. Full link here to explore.

Build Your Dream Outdoor Space

Okay, we know that this might come off as a little mean for our local friends, given the fact that we’re only heading into colder weather, but we have two responses there: it’s never too early to plan, and – you can plan outdoor spaces for all seasons. In fact, you should. We love stumbling upon articles like this because the Restumping Melbourne team spends so much time outside and can really appreciate the landscaping around your property. Big or small, flat or built on a very steep hill, there are so many creative things that you can do to smile when you come home or go outside first thing in the morning. And we can’t really hate a good sale, so do yourself a favor and check out this compilation of the best ways to build yourself and your household a top-notch outdoor space.

Significant Improvements With Just A Simple Design For Your Home

Painting is one of those things that none of us look forward to (unless you’re a prolific artist, in which case, we’re all just very jealous). The Restumping Melbourne team does a fair amount of painting in our daily roles, but it’s generally very tactical and important because it supports the process of reinforcing the foundation of your home (something we’re pretty good at). This article points out some well-researched reminders that we all need to hear about how painting can really take a home to the next level. You can read more here.

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