Keeping Mice Away from Your Home

Keeping Mice Away from Your HomeSometimes on the Restumping Melbourne blog, we have to discuss less than savory topics. We don’t like to, but it’s a never wavering part of our ethos as a company, to always properly educate our customers. Since we’re known as your best option in the area for restumping, reblocking and underpinning – each a strong solution to reinforce your foundation – our passions extend far beyond your foundation. We quickly learned that the only way we can be successful at our jobs is to cultivate an interest around everything related to your home. This means renovations, this means cleaning and maintenance, this means that we care about everything on your property.

Today we’re focusing on cleaning and maintenance. And that brings us to our less than savory topic. Specifically, we’re talking about keeping any small and furry friends away. Yes – we’re talking about mice and rats.

They may be cute from a distance, but you don’t want mice in and around your home. The biggest way to avoid them is to eliminate any food sources. They’re no different from humans in this capacity, if food is out or they can even smell it, it will attract them immediately. You can purchase and take advantage of rodent-proof metal, but heavy plastic is a good alternative for your containers. This extends to your pets as well. Make sure that you put away any uneaten pet food as mice will sniff it out.

Proof your rubbish bins against rodents by setting them on elevated platforms. 10 centimetres is a good baseline. If you see that your rubbish bins have cracks or holes, it’s time to bid them goodbye.

You may be seeking advice a little late in the game, and they’ve already invaded your home. Don’t fear! We still have advice for you to kick them out as soon as possible. Some of our favourite tips include eliminating their entry points, setting up bait stations and choosing the best bait for your mousetraps, and focusing on good sanitation for everyone in your household. Where you place your mousetraps is critical; if you’re seeing more and more mice, keep an eye on where they tend to congregate.

We reference entry points and poorly reinforced foundations and dirty crawlspaces are prime locations. Look for holes, it doesn’t matter how small them are. You’ll find them around your foundation, eaves and soffits. You can cover fill the holes with any matter of material, but options include sheet metal, plaster and cement.

That’s why it’s really important to work with an underpinning company like Restumping Melbourne to ensure that your foundation is safe and any crawl spaces are clean. We offer a full range of services and all you need to do to kick off the process is reach out. We want you to feel empowered to make the decisions for your home that make the most sense for you. We’re available by phone, email or in person and happy to answer any questions that you might have.