Insulation and Your Foundation

Insulation and Your FoundationBoth insulation and your foundation are – for lack of a better term – foundational parts of your home. But few think about how they work together and how, if one is missing, your entire home suffers. Don’t worry, the team at Restumping Melbourne is on the case.

First up, what’s insulation? More or less, insulation is a material (and there are all sorts – which we’ll get to in a minute) that helps reduce heat loss (or heat gain), by providing a barrier of a certain size inside your home. If you’re looking for a visual, think about the foam that you have seen in photos and have all sorts of questions about. Who knew that such a simple solution would help regulate the temperature inside your home?

It doesn’t matter what the season is, you’re going to need to regulate the temperature of your home, whether you want it to be cool or hot. The bottom line is, it needs to be consistent, so that you’re not running your furnace or your air conditioner on a regular basis – both of which drive up your energy bills. Plus… you probably want your home to be a comfortable place to hang out around, especially in the social areas.

So, here’s where you need to do your research – you want to understand conduction, also known as heat transfer AND convection – also known as airflow, both are the key players in insulation. It does get a little bit tricky, and we have all sorts of different online resources that we recommend checking out so that you truly understand the work that you’re getting into. The reason that we share these is that the Restumping Melbourne team strongly believes that you should have a great grasp on any sort of project that you do – no matter the magnitude – and insulation definitely falls into this category. Here is one of our favourite links to check out.

You may be thinking, what does this have to do with the foundation of your home? It’s in the title of this blog post, after all. Honestly, everything has to do with the foundation of your home, but frequently one of the most important pockets of insulation is found in your basement. Heat rises, right? We do a lot of our work in the basement of your home, or at least the lower-most level and a vital step is an insulation.

One of the questions that we get the most is whether you should insulate your foundation itself. The short answer – yes. Any sort of foundations that are built from rubble or brick, or separately – foundations with leaks, any sort of excess moisture or related issues should be insulated… from the outside. Most of your foundation will be found within the insulated portion of the home (hopefully regularly maintained), which will be key in evening out any sorts of ups and downs with temperature over time.

We know that insulation is a complicated topic. Reach out to the Restumping Melbourne team at any time to answer any questions.