The Importance of Taking Care of Your Crawl Space

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Crawl SpaceThe Restumping Melbourne team’s blog talks frequently about all sorts of matters that affect your home. We believe strongly in diversifying the content that you’ll find on here because it helps you and your households be the best owners and occupants possible. But the root of what we do lies within reinforcing the foundation of your home through our premium restumping, reblocking and underpinning services – all things that you may not think about on a regular basis, but are absolutely paramount.

When we work with the foundation of your home, we need to get below the regular rooms and spaces that you explore. That may be within your basement, but more often than not, it’s areas like crawl spaces. Now, crawl spaces aren’t areas where you’d have any sort of dinner party or even want to relax after a long day. But they are really important to the design of the home, because they’re basically the barrier between the poles or stumps that support your home and the spaces that you can use for absolutely whatever you want.

That’s why they’re important. Or at least the number one reason. But how and why should you take care of them?

They’re small spaces, often even seeming claustrophobic for some, but they’re the closest to the ground and that means that they easily gather moisture. Not good. You want to keep these areas dry. The crawl space is often a frequently forgotten about area, so it may be lined with soil. That’s the easiest way for moisture to get in. Our recommendations? Look into vapor barriers. Insulation if you have any air ducts or pipes down there can help, just make sure that they’re properly installed. Finally, you might want to think about having a dehumidifier installed down there.

We all know how it feels on really cold days if you’re not properly equipped to stay warm. Not fun, right? Well, insulation is the key here and there is no exception for your crawl space. If you don’t have it, it’s the easiest way for air to travel upwards and upend your day in the rooms you’re using. Bonus? Adding insulation makes your home more energy-efficient.

Finally, figure out a way to keep out any sort of bugs. Definitely something to avoid. This is the easiest way for them to get into your house. They can chew through electrical equipment; they can create health challenges and they can cause odors that you just don’t know the source of. But don’t fret! We have ideas. This is one where we recommend working with professionals, but whenever you move into a home, make sure that your air ducts are properly screened as that’s the first line of defense.

Questions? Let us know. The Restumping Melbourne team would love to help.

* image source: Evergreen Attic Insulation