How Does Your Foundation Affect Your Plumbing?

Did you think that we meant to swap the subjects in the title? It’s true – your plumbing (or challenges within) can impact the quality and maintenance of your foundation. But a little-known fact is that the reverse can be true as well! Welcome back to the Restumping Melbourne blog! We’re experts at underpinning, restumping and reblocking – all of which ensure that the place that you call home is safe and comfortable.

There are many different elements that you need to think about maintaining when it comes to your home. There’s no set cadence, but the best practice is… as often as you deem fit! For a foundation, all of the signs are there. The same is true for plumbing. But did you know what a relationship there is between the two? Read on for more information:

Foundations can seem like a headache, but they’re far simpler than you may think. In essence, they’re giant slabs of concrete that serve as the go-between between the house itself and the ground underneath. If we’re taking it to the next level, they’re the conduit between the home’s water fixtures and whatever local water supplies and sewer systems are in the immediate area. In fact, though we’re partial to foundations, generally anything to do with plumbing and sewage come first. Only then can whatever concrete makes up the foundation, be poured around all of these.

In a perfect world, anything to do with the structure of your home would be good for life. Unfortunately, we don’t live in this “perfect world,” and plumbing needs to be updated. If you live somewhere that’s very cold, the pipes can freeze or burst. If you live somewhere warm, you may deal with over-usage of any elements of your system. Regardless – your plumbing becomes damaged. And where does it live? Ah, the foundation. So, if the pipes crack, they’re going to leak and cause immediate damage to the foundation. Think about where the foundation is. There’s nowhere for the water to go, is there? That just means the pressure will mount – ultimately causing the foundation to crack under it.

We know that we mentioned earlier the focus on plumbing, but we also must mention the way that your foundation can negatively impact your plumbing. If there is any shrinking or if your soil starts to swell, it’s going to immediately cause your plumbing fixtures to bend. And then, they leak. So, it’s basically a chicken and an egg cycle.

We know that this may seem overwhelming, but as with any challenge that we describe – you’re in luck. The Restumping Melbourne team has your back in every way. Be it sharing information, answering questions, or simply having conversations about your dream home, you’re in safe hands.

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