How We Craft Our 2021 Goals

How We Craft Our 2021 GoalsIt would be smart, sensible and logical to assume that we craft our 2021 goals the same way that we’ve crafted our goals for all of the previous years since the inception of Restumping Melbourne as a company. Well, we don’t know about you – but we’ve found that sometimes it’s fun to throw smarts, sensibility and logic out the window. That is to say that every set of goals and resolutions that we put together as a team is completely different from one year to the next. In fact, it’s a valuable exercise for us to reference old thoughts and notes and see how much we may (or may not) have grown.

Well, that time has come for this year and while our lists will be brand-new, there are foundational values that we always ensure are used as our North Star for planning. We don’t look at putting together goals and resolutions as homework, a chore or a task. We look forward to the exercise – a chance to smile and pat ourselves on the back as well as lean in as hard as possible to one of the most cliché times of the year to push and motivate ourselves. Feeling in the same boat? Or maybe you’re the opposite and a little bit stuck. Here are our guiding principles if writing your 2021 goals is on the to-do list this week:

  1. Make goals for both your personal and professional lives. There is a lot of respect for “work-life integration” or “work-life balance” and we appreciate and support that. Neither can work without the other in both models, so you want to pay them each the proper love that they deserve. Think through what worked really well at work this year and why? Were your best days those where you got exercise in the morning and your worst those when you realized you’d spent on lunch? You can paint a picture of your perfect life, and incorporate both work and life.
  2. Keep your goals measurable. You can have a couple of more holistic and aspirational goals that remind you about certain behaviors you’d like to embody, but it’s so much more satisfying at the end of the year to be able to say, “yes, I did run 20 kilometers ten times this year!” When we say measurable, the Restumping Melbourne team recommends that you look at duration of goal, cadence of goal, output of goal and/or deadline of goal.
  3. Set rewards for yourself to look forward to when you complete your chosen goal. They can be big, they can be small, they can be inexpensive or they can be something that you save your wages for months (that could even be one of your goals!) All that matters is that it’s something that you look forward to and that spurs you on when you’re feeling frustrated. Many find success in tying their rewards to their goals, but that’s entirely up to you!

Good luck!