Home News for May

Home News for MayMay is a really beautiful month, each and every year. It’s a signal that the real cold is coming, that you can get comfy and cozy with loved ones and also look forward to all of the winter activities ahead. When polled, the Restumping Melbourne team aligned that we all love sledding, snowball fights and then the benefits of wearing baggy and soft clothes that hide the evidence of all of the delicious food and the creative artisan drinks that we consume. Those are all human experiences, but our houses are saying, “hey – what about us as well?” They get cleaned, they get decorated, they get excess amounts of heat, they’re practically groaning with the weight of all of the festivities by the time they’re begging for spring cleaning and weather. Each season has its traditions and the Restumping Melbourne team has a monthly tradition – home news. Here’s what’s happening in May:

Build or buy?

Here’s one theme that we’ve seen repetitively – to buy or build? When you see articles so often that tout either side of the aisle on this argument, even our internal team is drawn into it. And when the article’s debate takes place in Vail, Colorado – arguably one of the most beautiful places during cold weather in the world, yes… that piques your interest. The arguments remain the same; buying allows you an immediate investment property that hopefully requires very little work or maintenance to move into; building means that you are truly creating your own decisions every step of the way. Bonus? Like we said, it’s Vail! Here’s the article in full.

The One-Story House Plan With All The Charm

As you know if you’re faithful to the Restumping Melbourne blog, you know that we’re also suckers for a really good floor plan. We’ve seen enough of them – on sloped lots, as high rises, you know the drill. At the end of the day, it’s our job to reinforce the foundation of each, but it’s taught us over time to take inspiration and motivation from all sorts of homes all over the world. We loved this one. One-storey (so, a lighter load for us), the right size so that it looks deceptively small from the front but takes up ample space on a lot and with all of the right trimmings and external fixings to make anyone want to move to this quaint town. Check it out here.

Schoolyard Garden

If anyone has been impacted by the madness of the last year, it’s our younger generations that have probably fared the toughest of times, especially when it comes to school at any age. One of our favourite parts of the most successful and unique school environments have been the gardens that have allowed children to play outside while learning about the root of many important lessons (yes, the best pun possible absolutely intended). They learned how to plant and they learned how to work with each other – skills that will remain with them forever. Prepare to be inspired here.