Home Necessities for Every Australian Host

Home Necessities for Every Australian HostEvery Australian host? That sounds like a bold statement, doesn’t it? But if our generations in the industry and extensive experience have taught us anything, it’s that there are certain elements to a home, that will make your life easier. It doesn’t matter what area of Melbourne or the surrounding areas you live in. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old house, or if you’re in the early stages of buying the land and building from the ground up. Any way you look at it, Restumping Melbourne has recommendations for you and your home. Note- this is all a bit tongue and cheek. We’re focusing on the dream homes today, the homes that may be a bit out of your price range. But if we’re going to build a dream home, let’s hope that some or all of these are in some way involved.

As Many Skylights as Possible- Does your home have an abundance of dark and gloomy areas, marked by dim lighting and deep hues for your flooring? There is no better way to lighten up a space, than adding as many skylights as you can. Skylights are affordable and the payout is huge. When you add additional lighting to any space, you open it up and make it look far larger than it was to begin with.

A Backyard Barbecue- This should be center stage if you’re any sort of entertainer, no matter what the size of humble abode is. A barbecue can be small, or it can dominate your outdoor social areas, it’s entirely up to you. Bonus points if you integrate seating arrangements into the design, since you know once guests get close enough to the food, they’ll never want to leave.

Folding Walls- Folding walls are a huge game changer, especially during warmer months. With one easy push, you can unite your outside areas and your indoor social areas. These don’t need to be very expensive, and there are a whole range of materials that you can choose from.

A Personalized Letterbox- Since a letterbox is potentially the very first thing that visitors see, chances are that you want to dress and impress. This is an opportunity to get as creative as possible, even a little cheeky if you like. Australia is a land of talented artists so take advantage of this creative pool, the next time you’re at your local arts shop or gallery.

A Pool With a Swim-up Bar- Alright, alright, you can start with just a pool. It sure will make a difference on those hot summer days. But if you already have a pool, or feel like taking things to the next level, why not explore a swim-up bar? After all, why should you have to get out of the pool, just to serve your guests something new to eat or drink?

Although these are just the tip of the iceberg, hopefully they kick start the creative process, next time the inner host or hostess in you, is looking to enhance your current home or future home.