Happy New Year from Restumping Melbourne

Happy New Year from Restumping MelbourneSo, the ball dropped. Y2K didn’t happen. We looked around and everyone looked oddly the same. Sigh, a new year is upon us. We hope that the holidays were fun and festive, that you were able to relax with loved ones and make a few memories. We hope that there was laughter and lots and lots of delicious food. We hope that you feel ready to seize 2018!

It’s a funny time of year, one that we reflect on, over and over, each year. We look backwards at what we did and did not accomplish. Hopefully we focus on what we did accomplish, versus what we did not. Because the great thing about brand new years, is that you have a clean slate. You have a full 365 days to get after your dreams, your hopes, your wishes and your fears.

At least, that’s how the Restumping Melbourne team sees it. We cheer when the clock strikes midnight because we are so excited to greet 2018 and reach new heights.

If you’re newer to the Restumping Melbourne blog – welcome! We’re so thrilled that you’re starting the new year with us and we’re beyond enthused about what the months ahead hold. You can expect a lot here on the Restumping Melbourne blog. You can expect best-in-class expert advice on how to build, maintain and reinforce the foundation of your home. There’s a reason that the word foundation is used so frequently and so valuably across different industries. It’s the base of what’s important and holds everything together. That’s the reason why we’re so passionate about protecting it.

You’ll also learn even more about other topics that we’ve taken interest in. These include home renovations, landscaping, interior design and more. You’ll even be the first to learn about promotions and sales on our products and services. Basically, consider this your hub for all things restumping, underpinning and reblocking.

If you’re old hat on this blog, it should come as no surprise to you that there is no finish line for perfection in sight. There will always be one consistent resolution – keep pushing for the best possible customer experience. We’re nothing without our valued community of customers, and we want to take every possible opportunity to thank you and reward you.

So, what exactly can you expect in the twelve months ahead? You can expect us to do our research. We love reading the newest publication or attending the most recent expo show. We love conversing with competitors in the industry and uniting under one common goal.

You can expect even better products. We dash home from the aforementioned expos, full of ideas about new wood, innovative materials, and different ways to configure our work. You can expect us to do deep dives of research at expos, and synthesize everything that we’ve learned while turning the pages of recent publications.

Questions? Comments? Give us a shout. We’re excited for the year ahead and look forwards to turning your house into a home.