How to Handle Renovations When Times are Uncertain

How to Handle Renovations When Times are UncertainRaise your hands if you believe that home renovations are easy, simple, fast and cheap. If you’re raising your hands right now, the team at Restumping Melbourne wants to know what your secrets are and how you’re so enthusiastic. For the rest of us, there are different words that are associated with home renovations. Some that come to mind are stressful, long, expensive, complicated, ever-changing and more. There’s nothing wrong with these words, but they are realistic indicators of what you’re going to experience if you choose to change up your home or your business. We’re not saying it won’t be worth it – hopefully, it definitely will be! – but as with most good things, it will take hard work.

That’s all during normal times. But no matter where you live right now, what phase you’re at in your life, what challenges you’re coming up against or how things have had to change, the COVID-19 pandemic is certainly impacting many different industries and all of our lives in different ways. But pandemics don’t get the team at Restumping Melbourne down and they shouldn’t get you down either. That’s why, today, we’re talking about how to handle renovations – even when times are a bit uncertain.

First things first, is it necessary right now? If there are leaks in the roof, problems with the foundation, mould in the walls or other items of this calibre, there’s no time to waste and contractors will understand. They’ll rush to your defence in a timely manner, taking into consideration the different adjustments they’ll have to make while working in your home. These most likely include not being in the same space as you, wearing protective gear, and disinfecting everything around them.

Conversely, if it’s not necessary right now, it’s time to exercise some patience. This can be even more difficult, but if you’ve had your heart set on aesthetic updates to your home, you might just have to wait a little bit longer. There’s nothing wrong with this. You’re probably not socializing much or hosting giant get-togethers, this additional time just allows you to complete your project right… in fact, you might be able to do it better and more creatively.

We also recommend that you plan ahead. Even if you know that a project needs to be parked for a few months, still maintain ongoing contact with your contractors and consultants. You should do this for a few reasons. You’ll want to continue the conversation around what you’re looking for and in the loop about costs and plans. But you also want to do this for the benefit of those that you’re working with. Guesses are good that their calendars are going to fill up quickly in the back half of this year and you don’t want your project to be put on the bottom of the pile or on a large waiting list.

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