Great Ways to Weatherproof Your Home

Whether we like it or not, there are four seasons each calendar year- each with specific weather patterns. Maybe you lucked out and you live in a more temperate area, but most endure the heat of the summer and the bitter cold of the winter, at least for a small amount of time.

1During the summer, you probably curse the insufferable heat. You feel like there’s never enough air in the room, and didn’t know that your body could produce that much sweat. During the winter months, you regret every negative thing that you had to say about good ‘ol summer. You picture the heat as an oasis in the bitter cold. Unfortunately, both of these extremes have great impacts on your comfort level at home. So today lets discuss a few easy and inexpensive ways to weatherproof your home for any day of the year:

  • Add plastic coverings to the inside of your windows. You can easily add plastic coverings to the interior of your windows to help insulate and fight the draft. Add plastic over wooden blinds, leaving a hole at the top to pull the cord through so that you can still open the blinds and allow the sun to shine through, when it comes out to play.
  • Purchase Draft Stoppers for your doors. There are tons of aesthetically pleasing models which serve their purpose to keep the right air in the room, and the wrong air out.
  • Get a Water Heater Insulating Blanket. When you Insulate your hot water heater you can create drastic energy savings because you reduce the heat that you lose through the sides of the water heater by 25-40%. Energy savings mean much more money back in your wallet, where it belongs.
  • Insulate all of the outlets in your home. This may not sound very intuitive, but it’s extremely important. The majority of the electrical outlets, especially if you have an older home, aren’t insulated. This is a surefire opportunity for the cold air to sneak in. Outlets are just a hole in wall, after all. Don’t worry, this is easy enough to remedy. All you need to do is purchase foam padding and line the outlets and light switches. Just make sure that you follow directions when working around electricity.
  • Look into both attic or basement insulation. Yes, this will be a bit more of an investment, but like any good investment, when done right, you will see the greatest return. Uninsulated spaces, just like your outlets, are the biggest opportunities to let in the cold air and let the hot air out. You can reach out to a professional or do it yourself, just by rolling extra insulation along the floor and walls of your attic or basement.  

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tips for keeping your home warm and cozy. You know how passionate the Restumping Melbourne team is about everything home renovation so feel free to reach out to us with any questions that you may have.

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