Four Tips for Deck Upgrades in 2017

With the weather becoming significantly warmer in the (semi) near future, the Restumping Melbourne team is pretty excited. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good snowstorm, or a cozy afternoon while the rain pounds down outside. But when the sun comes out to play, we get to fully leverage the premium deck experiences that Restumping Melbourne customers have come to know and love.

Many are under the misconception that once a deck has been built, the game is over and the job is done. Not so! Any product that you purchase from Restumping Melbourne has a lifelong guarantee. This doesn’t just mean that we’ll come and repair whatever malfunction may occur, or replace pieces which have seen better days. It also means that we’ll provide expert input on holistic uses of the product, as well as ways to amplify the best possible experiences when using any product. In real time. So, though we’ve provided upgrade recommendations in the past, today- we offer the latest and greatest in product upgrades. Product, in today’s post, refers to the decks that we help to build. Here are our most recent recommendations for deck upgrades:

Explore new stains and colors

Sometimes, all it takes is a good coat of paint, to take any part of your home to the next level. You look at the same deck all year long, maybe it’s time to give it a little love and upgrade its paint color or stain. The elements tend to work against us. When the weather is warm and the sun is out, its rays break down the lining which holds wood fibers together. Then, to add insult to injury, water joins the party and rots both the boards and the shingles. This can easily render a deck unsafe, as you’re compromising the structure beneath. So, take a look at quality stains. This article talks about them in more detail.

Add a pergola

What is a pergola? This is a pergola. It’s the latest and greatest way to cool off on the hot days, without heading inside. This can become your quiet haven for reading, listening to music, even catching up on a favorite television program. Best of all, when it comes to deck upgrades, they won’t break the bank.

Build a bench border

Four Tips for Deck Upgrades in 2017

A bench border is a great way to identify the perimeter of the deck, as well as add additional seating. Benches are easy to build, and even easier to customize. You may think about adding pillows or textiles for those outdoor parties. You can also place potted plants on and around the bench border, providing additional real estate for your landscaping scheme.

Plan for hosting with a built-in banquet

Similar to bench borders, the built-in banquets add a different activity dimension to your deck. They’re simple to build, follow a tutorial here, and ensure that all future get-togethers will be much easier to both organize and navigate.

Questions? Comments? Deck upgrades that have been successful for you? Let us know, the Restumping Melbourne team would love to hear from you.