Five Things You Never Knew About Your Home

Five Things You Never Knew About Your HomeWe get a lot of interesting questions at Restumping Melbourne. Some make sense, like, “how much is this going to cost me?” or, “what makes you the best in the business and why should I work with you?” The second was a little bit of a cheat as it was two questions in one, but all of these answers are easy. They’re easy because the team here is transparent and knowledgeable, and moreover, we want to have these conversations with you! We relish them, not only because they set you up for success, but because sometimes they challenge us. We love a good challenge, because we believe that complacency should never have a place in our workplace or in your home. Although we’re out in the field all day long, we also want to ensure that you have a place to go for information, right from your couch or kitchen table. And that’s why we started this blog – an extension of the services that we offer, to help educate and engage you.

As mentioned, we get a lot of interesting questions. And we ask a lot of interesting questions. Today on the blog, we thought it would be fun to compile five of the most interesting facts about homes around the world, that we’re betting most of you never knew. And while many of these questions weren’t asked of us, if they’re ever asked of you, you’ll have all of the right answers.

  1. We’re starting with one of the oddest. Did you know that bubble wrap (yes, the packaging that is remarkably fun to pop) was actually designed to be a form of wallpaper? And while the public wasn’t the biggest fan of it in the home, it was this introduction that encouraged IBM to wrap its 1401 variable length computer back in 1959. Today, the owner makes more than $400 million a year.
  2. If you travel to Scotland, you may be intrigued by the number of doors that are painted red. It’s not by accident. Traditionally, it became a sign that you finally owned your home. If you are interested in, or practice Feng Shui, you’ll also know that followers believe that a red door lets in positive energy.
  3. Have you lived in your home for a month? Twenty years? You’re on opposite sides of the average. The median time spent in any home, according to DRM Prefab, is six years. Think about where you were six years ago, or even where you’ll be in six years. Fascinating to think about, right?
  4. If you’re making small adjustments to your home’s design and focusing on doorknobs, experts recommend that you turn to brass. The reason? They disinfect themselves. There are ions in the metal that repel fungi, viruses and germs, so that no impending infection lasts longer than eight hours.
  5. Finally, here’s a funny word of warning. If you travel to Easter Island, beware of the term “tingo.” The idea is that you continue to borrow items of desire from a friend or loved one’s home until there is literally nothing left!

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