February Home Renovation News

February Home Renovation NewsIt’s about that time again, once again the Restumping Melbourne team is on hand to deliver the latest and greatest of home renovation news. For those newer to our site, welcome! We like to consider ourselves experts in the home renovation sphere and a one-stop-shop for all things landscaping, home renovations, interior design and beyond. It’s due in part to our decades of experience. It’s also due in part to our ever-increasing passion about what we do. We’re a tight knit bunch and we’re committed to bringing the dream homes of our customers a reality. A huge part of that for us, is info sharing. We strongly believe that the more knowledge our customers have, the more fun and imagination they can have while designing their dream homes. That’s why, regularly, we share a round-up of the best of the Web. Read on for informative and entertaining articles.

Looking to lower your monthly bills?

Read this now. It’s never any fun to pay your monthly bills and there are fewer greater stressors than watching them increase over time. Conversely, it’s always fun to identify ways to keep these bills down and that’s specifically the goal of this article. To be even more detailed, we’re talking about homeowners’ insurance. It’s one of those bills that you’re not going to avoid, but you’d be surprised to learn exactly how you can pinch pennies and limit this cost. Click here to learn more.

Not feeling confident about home inspections?

Read this now. Again, this is a check off of the to-do list that you’re not going to be able to circumvent. Home inspections are the best way to guarantee that your new house is exactly the home that you thought it would be, and that you want it to be. We can’t tell you the number of times that potential homeowners have told us horror stories about hidden mold issues or even damage to the home’s foundation. Now it’s time to take this one step further. This article discusses the benefits of pre-listing home inspections. Click here to learn more.

Overdue for a deep clean of your garage or basement?

Read this now. We all put them off. We all say that “next” Sunday will be the planned date for a deep clean. But this article, detailing exactly what you shouldn’t leave in your garage or basement may speed up that timeline. Some of the eight items may be obvious, like propane tanks, but did you know that natural fabrics may also be a red flag. Since humidity levels can be higher in your basement spaces, these can actually be just as flammable. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention even notes that linen and cotton fabrics can grow mold at 80 percent humidity. Click here to learn more.

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