Why is Everyone Talking About Shiplap?

Why is Everyone Talking About ShiplapWe don’t know how many of you out there watch home renovation shows, but we’re betting that it’s a fair number of the Restumping Melbourne blog readers. There are fewer things better than a rare day off work when you wake up in a panic and quickly realize that you have absolutely nothing to do but relax and recharge. Recharging can mean a number of things for different people, but science shows (science, people) the psychological and physical benefits of taking a load off and relaxing on the couch when you have the chance.

We love all sorts of different shows, but home renovation shows definitely drive our creativity as the team pushes ourselves to out-best our best. So, while we’re definitely enjoying ourselves, we’re also learning.

One of the most famous shows around the globe is Fixer Upper. The stars – Chip and Joanna Gaines have become icons and built a giant empire around their lifestyle brands and their ability to turn all sorts of spaces into dream homes. And there’s one key word that’s frequently used… shiplap.

First of all, what a fun word, right? But what is it? If you’re talking about the genuine article, shiplap is a specific sort of plank of wood. It can be used in all sorts of applications, both for your home’s interior and it’s exterior. Before our time, it was used on ships that the Vikings sailed. Obviously, it worked out for them! In modern times, you’ve probably seen it most in relation to farms – sheds, barns and the most historic of houses. That sounds like a lot of different styles of planks of wood, right? Well here – we’re talking about the installation. The grooves are the key indicator that you’re looking at shiplap, because they allow the plans to fit together in all sorts of manners.

Why do people love it so much? It is great in all sorts of weather, that’s why you see it both inside and outside and on all sorts of different styles of homes – and why the Vikings liked it so much when they were out at sea! Complementing that, (again, thanks to the grooves) you’re not going to see any kind of buckling or movement in the planks of wood, even if it is a particularly moist season.

A fun fact to leave you with… chances are good that you actually have shiplap in your building if you didn’t build it yourself, even if you live in a more modern home. It creates a premium flat surface that can live between the frame of the home and its interior wall. We’re not recommending that you peel back any layers of plaster, but if you did, you may just find some shiplap. It’s a great reminder for the Restumping Melbourne team and our readers that all elements of our home designs and the foundational reinforcements that we help support are rooted in important history and driving future innovations.