December Home News

December Home NewsJust because the holidays are right around the corner, doesn’t mean that home news rests. You’ll find that many companies are trying to cram in as much work and as many wins as possible. On the other end of the spectrum, different companies are trying to educate their employees and customers on how to rest as the year winds down. You see all of the above, and we’re here to capture it. We love our monthly home news round-ups. There’s always something that we learn that can support growth and change for the Restumping Melbourne team. Call us nerds, call us geeks, we tend to love what we do, and we tend to love each other. So, it’s no surprise that we get as excited as we do about the following articles. Read on for our best-of-the-Web as we wrap up 2019.

New-Home Construction Activity Continues to Rise

We focus on the foundation of your homes and that may mean that we’re working on a brand-new home or a home that has existed in your family for generations. Either way, it’s important for us to monitor trends in whether renovations or new home construction are the headlines for the coming months. As of right now, we’re looking at a huge upturn in new home construction. We have the summer’s drop in interest rates to thank for that – in part. There was more than 3 per cent increase just in the past couple of months and more than 10 per cent over this time last year. Permitting activity also saw a spike with similar numbers. We relish working on both new and previously owned properties but know that no matter what, you should be fully knowledgeable about what you’re getting into. You can learn more here.

How Landscaping Can Assist Crime Prevention

A big piece of our work is designing foundation reinforcements that keep everything looking pretty. As you can imagine, that includes landscaping and for good reason. Your landscaping is one of the first things that visitors see and it can make or break property values. But there are other benefits to taking care of it as well. One of them you may not think of right off the bat – security. There’s a new term floating around – hostile vegetation. Heard of it? If not, don’t worry. According to this article, “It includes trimming bushes to make sure nothing blocks windows, and there is nowhere for the crooks to hide. Implemented properly, it strengthens gates and limits the number of entryways, improving landscape lighting and upgrading camera systems. Maintenance is crucial once it’s all installed.” Check out this link for more information.

How to Stay Cool over Summer Without Spending a Fortune on Electricity

Finally, it’s time to head inside. And when the temperatures rise, you need to take extra steps to make sure that you’re safe and comfortable. Here’s a fun fact from this article: “The best advice you can give to anybody with an air conditioner is to set your air conditioner at the highest temperature that you can comfortably stand in your home,” he said. “The optimal temperature would be 24 or 25 degrees.” Read all about it here.

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