Condos vs. Apartments

Condos vs ApartmentsHere at Restumping Melbourne, we work from the ground up. In fact, we work from beneath the ground, so that we can ensure that the foundation of your house turns it into a home. This is no easy feat – it takes durability, respect, compassionate, creativity and more. Some of these traits apply to the materials and processes that we leverage. Others are simply a part of who we are. It’s a necessity if you’re going to join the team at Restumping Melbourne – we want to know that you’ll always have the backs of our most important assets – our customers.

A huge part of your home is deciding the type that you should have. Condo? Apartment? Semi-de-attached? A standalone home? Each has benefits and opportunities and luckily for you – the Restumping Melbourne team is on the case. Read on for more information:

First up – let’s talk about ownership. After all, that’s the end goal for most. When you’re looking at an apartment, chances are that you’re not the owner. When you’re looking at a condo, it’s most likely that you are, unless you find a really wonderful deal. Condos are managed by what’s called a Home Owner’s Association – or an HOA. You’ve probably heard this quoted on television or on the radio in commercials. Some have really terrible reputations, but more often than not, they’re your biggest supporter. You’re still the owner of a condo, but the HOA manages everything from landscaping to maintenance to special assessments and everything in between. If you’re renting, you need to abide completely by the rules of the landlord. Sometimes this is easy, but other times… not so much.

Next on the list are rules. Ugh – it’s a rough word, isn’t it? Even those of us that grew up loving structure and solidarity may not be pleased with many of the rules that are set in place by either a landlord or an HOA. brings up a good point:

“Rules can be trickier with condos. Aside from guidelines set by the HOA for areas outside of the units, restrictions for condos may vary per unit, with owners setting their own regulations. The rules set by the HOA include fees – which help pay for maintenance of common areas and building exteriors. But in some cases, HOAs have restrictions on the number of units that can be rented. This is something to keep in mind when thinking about purchasing a condo with the intention of renting it.”

We’ve got you hooked, haven’t we? We’re not surprised, because every possible piece of information that you find on the Restumping Melbourne site should be one that bears long term value for any of our readers, prospective customers, current customers, or even past customers.

That’s why we want to keep the fun going. In our next post, we’ll talk about the difference in costs, services, the best ways to maintain – and ultimately, which is the best choice for you? As long as you’re clear that the common denominator is a foundation from Restumping Melbourne, we’re all on the right page.

Stay tuned for more information!