Fall 2021 Landscaping

Fall 2021 LandscapingIt’s still a bit bizarre for the Restumping Melbourne team to include “2021” in titles for reports, articles and more, but it’s right around the corner whether we like it or not. In our minds, and probably one of the reasons that we’re the best in the business at restumping, reblocking and underpinning services in the area, you have to be prepared for what’s ahead. It means that you’ll be ahead of the game for sure, but it also means that you’ll be less stressed with a clearer head and plan, making whatever you’re working on much more pleasant.

When we work on your properties, we spend the vast majority of our time outside in one capacity or another. So, as we’ve mentioned a time or two on the Restumping Melbourne blog, landscaping and gardening have become a piece of our business whether we planned for it or not. We’ve seen what works and we’ve definitely seen what could use a tweak in the future. So, as we’re looking toward the future and the season ahead, we thought we’d share our recommendations for fall 2021 landscaping. Read on for more information:

One way that homeowners and renters will get creative this fall and throughout the year will be looking at unique footage in your real estate to set up a garden. There’s a misconception that gardens need to of a certain size, located in a certain space or even shaped a certain way, but where’s the fun in that? We’ve noticed more and more articles about balcony gardens, which are a great opportunity for several types of properties – especially apartments or condominiums. As long as your plants are receiving the water and the sunlight that they need, you’re in good shape.

This next trend may be a bit controversial but hear us out… “wild gardens”. They’re pretty much exactly what they sound like, leaning into large swaths of colour, not pruning trees and shrubs as often and just generally appreciating your great outdoors for what it is. Just be careful that you’re not planting things so close that their roots encroach on each other’s spaces.

Permaculture gardens will continue to gain popularity, especially with the increased interest in ensuring our homes are sustainable, as well as durable and beautiful. Permaculture gardens depend on the natural elements – sun, water, and wind. That’s all you get for these. The thought is that the natural elements will provide everything your garden could possibly need, including food, water and shelter. If you’re looking for bonus points on the sustainability scale, you can use these gardens to focus on fruits and vegetables that you and your loved ones can enjoy all year round.

This is by no means an all-encompassing list, but if anything, it can and should serve as a springboard for conversation about the trends that you’re excited about. Let us know. The Restumping Melbourne team would love to hear from you.

The Relationship Between Landscaping and Your Foundation

The Relationship Between Landscaping and Your FoundationWelcome to the Restumping Melbourne blog! If you’re someone who visits on a regular basis or someone who is saying hello for the first time – the respect and appreciation level from our team is the same. We know that the most valuable asset that we have is you – our current and prospective customers. So, the purpose of this blog is to serve up on a silver platter any sort of information we can that’s informative, engaging, and entertaining – related to both the foundation of your home (restumping, reblocking and underpinning does tend to be our specialty), but moreover – your HOME! Every part of it… Interior, exterior, if you call it yours, we call it our responsibility to help educate you about making it your best.

Landscaping… why should that be any of our business? We’re not landscapers or gardeners and we certainly don’t have any business pretending that we are. That said, when you work on the foundations of homes, you are working at eye-level and seeing all sorts of things in the landscaping space that you wouldn’t normally see in such an intricate degree. We LOVE this, and we love sharing all of the details that we learn, thanks to the extehttps://www.restumping-melbourne.com.au/nsive variety of properties that we work with.

So, what’s the relationship? Let’s break it down:

  • Landscaping and the foundation of your home have more in common than you think. Your landscaping can serve as the best warning that there may be upcoming foundation damage that you’ll need to contend with. It’s easier to find than you may think. All you need to do is wander around the peripheral of the home and ensure that the star of the show is the landscaping – no cracks, no slants, no excess moisture. All of these are signs that you should call the Restumping Melbourne team.
  • You also need to be pretty strategic about your landscaping in relation to your foundation. As beautiful as they are, the best flowers and shrubs have roots that can pull down a lot of other home components in the vicinity. You want to do your homework in advance of any sort of planning to make sure that the roots of your chosen scheme don’t wrap themselves around any of the foundation components. If you’re at all concerned, again – the Restumping Melbourne team is here to answer any questions, survey your property and just generally be there for you throughout any home renovation process that you’re concerned about.
  • Seasonal is the final keyword here. Plants change every season; weather changes every season and the needs of your home change every season. This is nothing to worry about; rather, it’s just something to be aware of, depending on what sorts of projects you’re about to embark on – spring, summer, winter, fall.

Common denominator and broken record? Call us. No matter what’s going on, the Restumping Melbourne team is passionate about making your house a home.

How to Make Your Landscaping Look its Best

How to Make Your Landscaping Look its Best You may think that our work ends with your foundation, but that’s simply not the truth. In fact, the team at Restumping Melbourne is passionate about all sorts of matters related to your home – including your landscaping. It surrounds your property, and if it looks bad, chances are good that no one will want to visit… or purchase your home in the future. On the flip side, if your landscaping is especially premium, you’re set up for success – with both visitors and potential future homebuyers.

We could wax lyrical all day long about the best ways to make your landscaping look good, but that’s not the focus of today. The focus of today… is photography.

We live in a digital age. We’re sure that you understand that, especially as you visit the Restumping Melbourne blog. That has its pros and it has its cons. It also has a ton of lessons that you need to be aware of, so that you navigate it successfully. Let’s think through the latter. Read on for more information. ’

First up – lighting. Mike Dixon and FStoppers have all of the right cues. You can check out this link for a very helpful video that can make a huge difference in your work. He references Mark Denney and shares that blue and orange lighting can be especially impactful when you photograph your property. If anything, they’ll turn out as beautiful photos – with especially kind lighting. And if you’re looking to put your home on the market any time soon… there’s research that says that customers are really drawn to these two styles of lighting.

Adobe has always been known to be an expert in this field. After all, they’re home to many of the tools that the best of the best use to take, and then manipulate photos. So, what do they think? They want us to understand focal length… focus in on what really mattered. Do you have fantastic plants or flowers that line the perimeter line? Or do you have an amazing vista view from any angle of your property? Either way, be strategic about it. While the Restumping Melbourne team loves our foundations, we also love all of the above.

One other tip that the Adobe team brings to mind is to not dismiss night photography. While we know this can make shots of your landscaping more difficult, it can also ensure that your home is lit up in its best scenario. Give it a try. The worst thing that happens is that it doesn’t work out.

Questions? Comments? We’re here for you. From your foundation and up, the Restumping Melbourne team is here to be your partners-in-crime, no matter what your needs or requests may be.

Feng Shui and Landscaping

Feng Shui and LandscapingWhile the focus of the team at Restumping Melbourne is on reinforcing the foundation of your home, we would be silly to disregard the role that this plays in your entire property. We want you to feel and safe and comfortable, but most importantly – happy! There’s no sense in coming home after a long day of work (or play) and not looking forward to seeing the place where you hang your hat.

Home can mean different things to a lot of people, but for the purpose of this blog post, we’re talking about the square meters of your property. And while much of that is dedicated to a structure, the other key part is your landscaping. We like to offer you the entire picture on the Restumping Melbourne blog and that means that today, we are focusing on landscaping.

Familiar with Feng Shui? There are many different applications that it can have and a lot of enthusiastic fans around the globe. If you’re not clued in – it’s (according to the dictionary): (in Chinese thought) a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi), and whose favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings.

The crux is that you’re being thoughtful and strategic about where you place things and how you design spaces. But it isn’t limited to your home and there are more benefits than you realize. And that brings us back to your landscaping.

This news just in… When you keep Feng Shui in mind, it leads to better landscaping. You’re looking at the natural elements of fire, metal, water, wood and earth – all of which are more likely to be found outdoors than in your living room. Think about it; you’ve got fountains and birdbaths, ponds and waterfalls when it comes to water. You’ve got soil, rocks and boulders for wood and earth. You might even have a fire pit outside, which checks that off of the list. If you’re keeping the five elements in mind, you’re more likely to have a robust and well thought-through landscape, a place where you’re excited to spend time.

Here are a couple of quick tips:

  • Make sure that you have all of the elements present for a balanced experience
  • Reach out to the Restumping Melbourne team for advice about retaining walls – they’re a great way to divide up your lawn and keep every element safe and secure
  • Try to not to allow clutter in your garden, or any space for that matter. Everything should have a purpose – even if that means that you just like to look at it. That’s the number one goal of Feng Shui and the best way for you and your sanity to benefit.
  • Bonus points if you focus your landscaping toward the front entrance of your home. It directs energy and attention to the entrance, which some believe to channel positive energy.

Sound hokey? We understand, but the Restumping Melbourne team is all about reinforcing the property of a home where you truly feel at peace.

Getting Creative With Your Garden

Getting Creative With Your GardenThere is something so zen, so relaxing about a garden space that’s been well-put together. Whether it’s yours to come home to at the end of the day, or one that you wishfully view as you’re taking your neighborhood walks, a well-put together garden is a beautiful thing.

You may be wondering, what on earth does this have to do with restumping, reblocking and underpinning? A lot more than you’d think! First of all, Restumping Melbourne is not just dedicated towards reinforcing the structure and foundation of your property. Our goal, our mission, our ethos, is to ensure that your home or business is one that you’re proud of. So this means that we’re creatively driven to share general architecture, interior design and landscaping information with our valued customers and blog readers.

Today’s post isn’t just waxing lyrical about the beautiful gardens out there in your neighborhoods, it’s about empowering you to make it yours! Let’s switch the narrative so that it’s all of the other street inhabitants who are a little green with envy, when they see the exterior of your property.

The key here, is that design is modular. It doesn’t need to be completed in one fell swoop. Rather, you can look forwards to smaller design projects which take up a Sunday afternoon, instead of a whole summer. One of the most popular DIY bodies of work that we’ve seen recently, relate to innovative ways to display your plants. Depending on the size and style of your home, gone are the days when a bed of soil was the only possible home for your gardenias. Instead, you can check out vertical flower and plant beds, like this one, to add some pizzazz to your property. These can be built from pretty much any material, you can even repurpose existing materials that have been sitting in your toolshed for far too long.

Some of you may be aiming to bring the greenery into the interior of your home. If so, you’ll want to check out project number two in this article. 3D installations of plants or flowers are gaining popularity, quickly. There is a growing body of science which supports a tranquil feeling, even if a small footprint of flora is nearby.

Finally, think about maximizing the utilitarian nature of your greenery. As you’re choosing what plants and flowers to integrate into your design, don’t write-off those that are edible. There is some beautiful inspiration on the Web for ways to design herb gardens, and even more recipes that you can leverage for your next big dinner. You’ll feel even better incurring any costs, since the rosemary, the thyme, the paprika, will be common ingredients in meals to come. You can even think about making these portions of your garden sustainable, a great way to provide additional power to your home and take costs off of your monthly bills.

Feeling inspired? What landscaping projects are you working on this season?