March Home Renovation News

March Home Renovation NewsWho is loving the weather right now? We know that we are, but we’re not the best resource because we love it all year around. Every new season, we clasp our hands together and embrace the few months that will follow, because we know that every new season brings something and exciting and different to the strategy of the Restumping Melbourne team, our Website and our blog. We appreciate the continued following of those who check in, month after month, week after week, on the topics that we think will be the most important to you. We also appreciate the newbies (for lack of a better term) that are visiting us for the first time! In your honour, we’ve put together a truly special monthly recap of the news on the Web that we think is most beneficial to you – not just for your home’s foundation, but for every other element of your home and your role as a homeowner. Read on for more information:

When you need an easy fix for a difficult problem…

It is always such a game-changer when we find the articles on the Web that actually make things easier for you. We consider ourselves a cut above the competition, because we will never upsell you. Our goal is to solve the challenges that you confront – especially related to your foundation and everything related. This article and the tips shared support this. It’s not always as difficult as you think to troubleshoot the home opportunities that you run into. We aim to always share these resources with our valued base of customers. You can learn more about this topic at this link.

When you want to stay ahead of the game in architecture trends…

We would never succeed as we have if we didn’t try to forecast on trends and the best ways to mitigate any challenges that you would have. So, an important part of articles like this will always be thinking about/aspiring to help meet the visions of many visionaries in our industry and beyond. It’s something that we tend to wax lyrical about on our breaks, just really thinking about how we can break barriers and inspire others. This article is right in-line with our vision, looking at the future and the culture of Pre-Fab housing in Australia. You can learn more about this topic at this link.

When you’re interested in sustainability and the small tweaks that we’re making in building to make the world a better place!…

(Phew, long heading!) This really should be a pride and joy for all companies, no matter what area of the business that they work in. At Restumping Melbourne, we know that the future should only limit our carbon footprint and that we, as businesses, play a really important role in this work. This article focuses on the best ways to use materials and items that we’d otherwise see as waste and instead investing them in the future of our success. You can learn more about this topic here.

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Home Renovation News – February 2019

Home Renovation News – FebruaryThere are many ways that a business can set itself apart from the rest of the industry. And one of them – ironically – is an invested interest in said industry. You may not know what industry we’re referring to, if you are newer to our Restumping Melbourne site. But if you are, you know that our work extends far beyond the foundation reinforcing solutions that we offer – through underpinning, reblocking and restumping. Each help turn a house into a home, but the only way that we’re able to determine exactly which makes sense for you, is by doing our homework. Enter the blog and enter one of our favourite blog series that we share each month. We already talk about these topics at work and with each other after hours, but with a blog like this, we’re able to promote the stories that mean the most – to you. Read on for our best digital finds in the month of February:

How to Foster More Teamwork in Your Landscaping Company

If you’re interested in learning how to foster teamwork at a company… You’re in the right place. That’s a priority for the Restumping Melbourne team, each and every day. Obviously, the industries that we’re particularly passionate about, have to do with work around your home. That means construction, that means landscaping, that means interior design and more. Whenever we research these pieces of the industry, we love finding companies that really do it right. To us, that means building the right team and treating all teammates with the right level of respect and communication. You can read more about it, here.

Landscaping Around a Tree

If you’re looking to get creative about your landscaping… You’re in the right place. We’re all familiar with the pesky elements of your front or backyard. There may be a plant that’s been bugging you for a while, or a weed that simply won’t go away. The complaint that we hear the most often is around trees. After all, they take up a big piece of your landscaping, and sometimes, they simply need to be the priority. When that’s the case, we want to equip you with the best ways to ensure that both your view and those passing by is as good as it gets. Check out more information, here.

Here’s What 10 Disney Movies Taught Us About Interior Design

If you like to have some fun with interior design (and we know that we do)… You’re in the right place. While the work that the Restumping Melbourne team does, doesn’t have a direct effect on the inside on your home, it does without you even realizing it. When your foundation fumbles, so too do the walls, floors and ceilings of your home. That’s why we like to bring this work into the mix. And who better to describe the best ways to design the interior of your home than Walt Disney? Did you ever imagine that you’d be able to dive into a Disney movie and learn about the best ways to design your home? We sure didn’t. Get all of the insider knowledge, here.

August Home Renovation News- Part 2

August Home Renovation News Part 2It’s not every month that there’s enough home renovation news that it merits two posts on the Restumping Melbourne blog. After all, we comb the internet for the best of the best to share with our most valuable asset – our community of customers. We don’t just see you as customers. We see you as friends and family. Our relationship starts as soon as you reach out to the Restumping Melbourne team and continues long after the work is complete. We’re on hand, not only to answer any questions that you might have, but we’re also available to chat about anything that’s on your mind. Thanks to decades of experience we’re well-versed in the industry. Thanks to a drive to always improve, we continue to want to educate ourselves and you about what’s going on in home renovations, landscaping, architecture and more. As regular know, part of this is a monthly round-up of home renovation news. We kicked this off in our last post and continue it today. Read on for more of our favourite finds on the internet this month.

How to Maximize Increases in Your Home Value

In the back of every homeowner’s mind is the reminder that he or she should always be thinking about improving the value of his or her home. Home values and prices fluctuate, they’re very fluid, and homeowners have a much larger role in determining them than they realize. They can have a very positive effect by actively monitoring what kinds of improvements can be made like touching up paint or updating the wiring. They can also have a very negative effect if they let important home renovations sit or ignore them completely. But when you do take care of your home, you allow the equity to grow. That’s what this article focuses on. It discusses the opportunities that you have to borrow against your equity and make your house even better. It’s basically the gift that keeps on giving. Check out this article for more information.

6 Tips for Properly Caring for Your New Construction Home

Taking care of your home ties in perfectly to our second article. Picture this – you’ve just purchased a new home. You spent so much time, money and energy into choosing it. You looked at dozens until you found the one that was just right for you and your needs. Now it’s time to celebrate and make generations of memories, right? Well, yes and no. Yes on the celebrations for sure. Purchasing a home is a big achievement. But there is a contingency on making generations of memories – you need to take care of the home! This article gives a great overview of the best ways to take care of your new construction home. The chores take minimal time with regular oversight and the benefits are exponential. Remember that whole, “keeping resale value in the back of your mind?” Taking care of your home ensures that that resale value is exactly where you want it to be. Check out this article for more information.

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August Home Renovation News

August Home Renovation NewsAh, August. The kids are almost free (which is both a good thing and a bad thing for you). The weather is warming up and you have some vacation days to look forward to (hopefully). This means that there is both relaxation and productivity on the horizon for you and it’s up to you to decide which way this combination skews. We get it. After a while, even sleeping in and eating to your hearts content can reach a peak at which point you know that you want to get off of the couch and accomplish things that you haven’t had time to do during the school terms. Looking for inspiration? Look no further.

Luckily for you, you’ve stumbled across (or let’s face it – you have us bookmarked) the Restumping Melbourne site and blog. Welcome! Or for those who are regular visitors, welcome back! Whether you’re new or an old friend, you’ll quickly learn that this site and this blog are a great hub for all things related to restumping, reblocking and underpinning. But we go beyond that. Because we know that when our customers have knowledge in the broader home renovation realm, you feel comfortable and confident in the decisions that you make for your loved ones and your home. So today, we once again share a tradition. That tradition is a monthly round-up of all of the news in the broader industries that we think will entertain and inform you. It’s been a busy and exciting month. Read on for part one of two of more of our favourites found on the Web this month.

Renovation-Free Home Makeovers

Picture this… a renovation-free home makeover. It sounds like an enigma doesn’t it? It may have been up until recently, when technology, science, art and design intersected to provide new and exciting ways for you to jazz up your home with minimal time and financial investment. This article can be found on the Quickenloans site and details quick and easy ways that you can take your home to the next level without losing a dime. Examples include afternoon projects like rearranging your furniture, which can make all the difference in the world. Check out the article here for more information.

DIY Don’ts For Your Most Successful Home Renovation Projects Yet

Home renovation is the name of the game today and for good reason. After all, the Restumping Melbourne team is dedicated to reinforcing the foundation of your home, and every other project will sit on top of it. So, home renovations when done right are both inspiring and important to us. This article doesn’t talk through examples of home renovations done right, but it does talk about new tips and tricks, best practices and hints to ensure that they’re done successfully, under budget and in a timely manner. Have we piqued your interest? Check out the article here for more information.

As stated above, it’s been an exciting month. So, we’ll be doubling your dose of fun and rolling out another round-up of news and articles in the coming days. Questions? Let us know!

March Home Renovation News

March Home Renovation NewsAnother month, another recap of the very best found on the World Wide Web. If you’re newer to the Restumping Melbourne site, welcome! Here you will find the best in the biz when it comes to restumping jobs. Even broader than that, we serve you as experts with decades of experience in the home renovation and landscaping realms. We’ve worked with homes of every size and every style. We’ve worked on every type of terrain and with every different type of customer and we’ve loved every single job. That’s why it’s so much fun for us on a monthly basis, to regroup as a team and then share out our favourite finds on the Web. Here are some of the best of March:

Home Renovation Reveals Artefacts From 1800s

How much fun would it be to move into a new home and determine that hundreds of years of history came before you? That recently happened to this family, who upon further inspection, came upon a host of very exciting historical artefacts from the 1800s. It’s a great reminder that no matter how old your home is, it tells a cool story, especially rooted in the foundations that we reinforce. Read on here for details.

Home Renovations Spark Retail Hiring Increase

This one comes to us from across the pond. Did you know that “In all, retailers added 50,300 jobs in February – four times the number from the month before – even as the U.S. unemployment rate stayed steady at 4.1 percent.”? Who knew that the cause of this was an influx in home renovations? One of the most main causes is building-material stores who back many of the exciting home renovations not just in the United States but also around the world. They hired 10,000 workers last month alone in the United States to ensure that they could meet booming demand associated with home renovations. Read on here for details.

Want to Renovate Your Home Without Headaches?

This article is for you. It’s one of the largest deterrents when it comes to deciding if you’re going to move forwards with a home renovation. Yes, the end result sounds great but you have no idea how much work will go in to the interim. That’s why there has been such an influx in companies, especially smaller companies and start-ups that are there to lend a helping hand. This particular article highlights the importance of these companies and their growth in the future. RemodelMate is currently sourcing funding to help execute on a very cool business plan, where they’ll take all of the work out of future remodels. You can learn more about this here.

These are some of our favourite articles that we’ve found this season, but we know that there are a host of others around the Web. What do our valued customers want to learn about? What questions do you have? What do you want to know in the future? Be sure to let us know so that we can bring you the information that you need.

February Home Renovation News

February Home Renovation NewsIt’s about that time again, once again the Restumping Melbourne team is on hand to deliver the latest and greatest of home renovation news. For those newer to our site, welcome! We like to consider ourselves experts in the home renovation sphere and a one-stop-shop for all things landscaping, home renovations, interior design and beyond. It’s due in part to our decades of experience. It’s also due in part to our ever-increasing passion about what we do. We’re a tight knit bunch and we’re committed to bringing the dream homes of our customers a reality. A huge part of that for us, is info sharing. We strongly believe that the more knowledge our customers have, the more fun and imagination they can have while designing their dream homes. That’s why, regularly, we share a round-up of the best of the Web. Read on for informative and entertaining articles.

Looking to lower your monthly bills?

Read this now. It’s never any fun to pay your monthly bills and there are fewer greater stressors than watching them increase over time. Conversely, it’s always fun to identify ways to keep these bills down and that’s specifically the goal of this article. To be even more detailed, we’re talking about homeowners’ insurance. It’s one of those bills that you’re not going to avoid, but you’d be surprised to learn exactly how you can pinch pennies and limit this cost. Click here to learn more.

Not feeling confident about home inspections?

Read this now. Again, this is a check off of the to-do list that you’re not going to be able to circumvent. Home inspections are the best way to guarantee that your new house is exactly the home that you thought it would be, and that you want it to be. We can’t tell you the number of times that potential homeowners have told us horror stories about hidden mold issues or even damage to the home’s foundation. Now it’s time to take this one step further. This article discusses the benefits of pre-listing home inspections. Click here to learn more.

Overdue for a deep clean of your garage or basement?

Read this now. We all put them off. We all say that “next” Sunday will be the planned date for a deep clean. But this article, detailing exactly what you shouldn’t leave in your garage or basement may speed up that timeline. Some of the eight items may be obvious, like propane tanks, but did you know that natural fabrics may also be a red flag. Since humidity levels can be higher in your basement spaces, these can actually be just as flammable. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention even notes that linen and cotton fabrics can grow mold at 80 percent humidity. Click here to learn more.

Questions? Comments? Give us a shout. The team here at Restumping Melbourne would love to hear from you.

August Home Renovation News Recap

August Home Renovation News RecapIt’s that time again, ladies and gentlemen. That time of the month when you get to check out your favorite restumping blog and fill your brain up with knowledge about home renovation, landscaping, interior design, and the science behind fortifying your foundation. We could wax lyrical about all of the above, and we figured—why shouldn’t we? If you’re just visiting the Restumping Melbourne blog for the first time, welcome! We’re very excited to have you here. Part of our ethos as a company is to support our valued customers from the moment that we meet them. This doesn’t mean packing our bags and saying “goodbye!” as soon as we finish a job; (Although, we will make sure to pack our bags when we finish a job—promise!) It means that you’re a part of the Restumping Melbourne community.

When you’re a part of this community, we want you to feel taken care of and well-educated. We want you to know exactly what work is taking place, how and why. In support of this effort, we generate monthly news round-up’s with home renovation articles around the web that we’ve found entertaining and inspiring. Enjoy!

Would you believe us, if we told you that we’d found home renovations with a bigger ROI than the initial cost? We’re sure that many of you are shaking your heads back and forth. But the Huffington Post has set out to prove you wrong. This list includes seven important home renovation projects, which can actually get you a return on your money. We cannot stress enough the importance of investing in your home, treating it with care and completing all recommended renovations. This article shares an extra incentive to get the work done.

Peppered throughout the year, you hear the awe-inspiring stories of valuable relics found in modern-day homes. Sometimes it’s a bottle of 500-year-old scotch, sometimes it’s something a bit more morbid. Those profiled have found items beneath their front porches and deep within their backyards. These stories and articles are popping up more and more frequently and we wanted to share one today. It makes you wonder what could be buried just below your floor or right inside of your walls, doesn’t it? But if you’re going to get out your shovel and start digging, please give the Restumping Melbourne team a call first!

There are many reasons why homes designed in more modern styles are full of light and space. Light is great for so many systems in your body, even uplifting your spirits. But while these homes are beautiful, we’re guessing that not everyone is living in one. In fact, many of our neighborhoods and communities are filled with older homes that don’t flaunt this architectural component. They’re still beautiful – don’t get us wrong, but you just don’t get the same levels of light. That’s where this article comes in. It’s time to lighten up these spaces and we have eight simple rules on how to do so.

Restumping Buzzword- House Raising

Restumping Buzzword- House RaisingIt’s time once again, for a session of learning on the Restumping Melbourne blog. No hidden agenda here, we just genuinely love educating our valued customers on not just our processes, but industry tips and tricks, as well as general home renovation news. Some terms and buzzwords may sound completely made up, others probably clear up mysteries that you’ve been wondering about for a while. Either way, we’re hoping that you’ll stick around and learn a thing or two.

Today’s buzzword probably falls into the latter aforementioned category—a common process in the area that has been extremely beneficial for many individuals, families and businesses. It may sound like a unique process, but it’s been used on more homes and businesses in your area, than you’d think. It’s called house raising, and its defined as just that—a way to raise your home.

Raising your home is a great way to solve multiple problems. These include but aren’t limited to a lack of home and saving the cost of adding a second storey to the structure. It’s taking advantage of the currently unusable space under your home or business and adding valuable and usable square footage. This square footage can be used in a myriad of ways. You could build a garage for the family vehicle, you could utilize it for multipurpose storage, you could build an additional family room or bedroom, you could even get creative and add a wine cellar—the sky is the limit! Many individuals and families take advantage of house raising if they’re looking to expand their brood or host a visiting relative for an extended period. That being said, you don’t need to use the additional space, some simply raise their homes to improve the views of the surrounding areas.

House raising is the most common in areas like Brisbane and also in many different areas of Queensland. This is because these are the areas where restumping is the most common. Remember, houses can be restumped when the homes themselves are build on stumps, which they frequently are in these areas.

You may be wondering, how does one just lift up a house? Sounds like a bit of a Herculean task, right? Something up there with the great weight lifting challenges of the world? Luckily, modern engineering and technology have ensured that we’re well equipped for such ventures. Experts like those on the Restumping Melbourne team take advantage of hydraulic jacks to lift the house up, the same way we do when we’re on a classic restumping job.

Sound like something that you might want to explore? Before you embark on an architectural journey like this one, you’ll want to ensure that you consult experts. The Restumping Melborune team is happy to talk you through your options, and what makes the most sense for you. We’ll hold a consultation and draft a plan before any work begins. Our goal, as always, is to ensure that we help you build the house of your dreams.