When Contractor Relationships Go Wrong

When Contractor Relationships Go WrongYou put a lot of faith into relationships with those that come into your home. For many, a home becomes an additional child, because let’s be honest – you frequently put just as much work into a home as you do into one of your offspring. You care about it just as much and often; it costs just as much money. There’s nothing wrong with this. You should be incredibly excited to have a new home, and we’re sure that you want to give it the tender loving care that it deserves. To that point, you bring in the best. You [hopefully] do your research. You look into the contractors in the area that are going to do the best job and for the best price. It can be tough, but, hopefully, it’s worthwhile. That is… if you do it right.

Unfortunately, (and never if you work with the Restumping Melbourne team) there is always the possibility that the contractor that you work with simply won’t make the cut. It may not be a good fit personality-wise. It may be a question of the work costing far more than you anticipated. It also may be a question of the work taking far longer than you thought. Regardless, you should never feel bad about cutting a contractor loose if he or she is not living up to your expectations. There are just a few things that you need to know:

  • Do your homework in advance. We know, we know, we say it all of the time. But in this context, it’s extra important, because you’re letting someone into your home and honestly, being very trusting that they’ll live up to their word or their marketing. You’ll feel extra safe and comfortable if you have conversations with loved ones who can truly vouch for those that are helping you enhance your dream place-to-live.
  • Get everything in paper. We live in a digital age and believe us – we’re all about saving trees. But don’t take that as an excuse to not get everything in writing. Email, form online, printed copy… it doesn’t matter. You want your contract, the timeline, all costs associated and who to call if you’re not happy with the work being done. If any contractor pushes back on this, you should know that he or she is not the right person to work with.
  • Don’t feel bad about pushing back. Too many of us are shy or confused when it comes to the work being done on our houses. That’s why questions are so important. Believe us, they should expect questions about their work – the process, the materials, etc. If they get cagey about such thing, again – you’re not working with the right people and should reach out to the Restumping Melbourne team immediately.

As noted above, reach out. We have our customers’ interests at heart, and that’s why we share articles like this on our blog. If we can’t take care of the work for you, we can surely point you in the right direction.

Five Key Things to Look for in a Contractor

Five Key Things to Look for in a ContractorSeems a little bit biased, doesn’t it? After all, we’ll give a sneak preview to this article and let you know that embody all of the latter-mentioned qualities. But for the team at Restumping Melbourne, it really doesn’t matter to us which company you go with. What really matters to us, is that you’re happy, your home is safe and comfortable, and you feel empowered to have the right conversations and make the best decisions for you and your family. Your home is one of the biggest investments you can possibly make, and we truly care about ensuring that it’s a place where you can make generations of memories. So, for us, that doesn’t mean promoting our services and products, it means standing up thing like this blog as a conversation piece where you can learn and feel totally confident that you’ve got the work ahead under control. In that vein, today’s post focuses on ten things that we find truly a necessity in any contractor:

1. Kindness

Odd one to start with, right? But your home is your baby (for lack of a better term) and anybody who impacts it, is sort of like a babysitter or relative. We want you to feel like you’re in the best hands possible, and that starts with kindness in every sense of the word.

2. Transparency

If there’s one thing we shake our heads at, it’s unauthenticity. There is simply no reason to not be upfront with your customers and to always be honest. It goes up above and beyond simply sharing how much things will cost and how much time we’ll spend fortifying the foundation of your home; it means that we want to be the ones to educate you on every step of the process. When we do this, you feel comfortable, and we create a far stronger bond, which ends in much better results.

3. Experience

Yes, yes, we could preach it over and over again, but that’s because it’s important! In the age of the internet, it’s easy enough to google or search for contractors in your area. Easy is not as good as important. Important is thoroughly investigating those who will be doing work on your home and asking those closest to you for their recommendations. Don’t feel badly about doing this! They’ll be more than happy to give their two cents, and everyone benefits in the long-haul.

4. Response

Not quite the same as communication, but in the same vein. You want your contractor to be at your beck and call, as you see fit. We’re not recommending that you call up every ten minutes to hear how the job is going, but they should be available, should you have any questions, comments or changes to the scope of work at hand.

5. Results

This ties into all of the above, but especially experience. You know how we mentioned that you should talk to your friends about the experience of your chosen contractor? Here are the most tangible answers. Any solid contractor will have proof and pictures on their Website to prove just how proud and passionate they are about their work.

Our Home Renovation Services- Part II

The easiest way to set ourselves up for success as a company and a partner in your home renovation process, is to elevate you as a major stakeholder in every decision that we make. While we certainly consider ourselves experts in our skill-set, that doesn’t mean that we’re not open to conversations and questions about our ideas for your homes and businesses. That is how great collaborations are fostered, and we are all about great collaborations.

1So let’s talk through the remainder of the process, the services that you can expect (both tangible and not so) through the duration of your renovation.

So far we’ve walked through the pre-process, which is where most of the creative conversations will take place. After all, we won’t feel comfortable having you sign on the dotted line for our services with any project, if we can’t promise you alignment with the vision that has been in your head for so long.

But if we’re on the same page, then it’s time to get the home renovation party started. You now have in-hand contract with duration and costs. If we see these numbers changing once the work has begun (whether it will take longer or cost a different amount), then we will communicate that to you immediately. You won’t be put in positions to sign away your life based off of our updates, we’ll always give you options. For example, if it’s going to take two weeks longer to give you one product, but we can give you a secondary product in one week– it’s up to you which you prefer. We will give you our opinions– sure– but you make the final decisions.

Our work should take up to ten days, dependent on customizations, size of the land and specific challenges. For 80% of instances you shouldn’t even have to leave your house. There’s a good chance, if we’re only working on the foundation of the home, that you won’t know that we’re there. During this time we will give you updates as frequently as you’d like. If you don’t want any updates, then we’ll be quiet as mice, unless we need cost/time/material approvals. If you want daily updates on exactly what is going on, then that is exactly what you will get. You will have one Team Lead from Restumping Melbourne, one consistent face to see each day and to ensure you that everything is always under control.

And when the work is done? Well then it’s time for an in-person walkthrough. We should have answers to any questions that you may come up with. We can explain the materials that we’ve used. We can explain exactly how long your restumped foundation will last and best practices to make sure that this duration is as long as it can be.

Only once we receive a seal of approval and firmly shake hands, will we settle all accounts. But the relationship doesn’t stop there. Our work with foundations traverses into a host of knowledge about the durability of walls, floors and homes in general. Feel free to reach out with questions at any time. Our friendship and commitment to you, is lifelong.

What Makes a Great Contractor?

I’m sure you’ve seen both good and bad contractors in your day. Hopefully more of the former, but too often we’ve received alls to help us eradicate situations where contractors have really made a mess of of it for our customers. This always hurts us to the core. In the mind of every team member at Restumping Melbourne, there is no reason out there why work shouldn’t be tip-top, done in a timely manner and with a smile on every team member’s face. The best way to circumvent a negative experience with your future work on your home or business? Call Restumping Melbourne. If that’s not an option, or you need a little time to realize that it’s the best option, here are some tips and tricks to look for in choosing your next contractor:

Make Sure That They, Or Their Company, Have a Vision- This should be a no-brainer, but too often, contractors decide to be solely logistical, with no creative drive. Your contractor or contracting company should be an equal balance of analytical, creative and logistical. It’s the trifecta of successful work. Your contractor should not only come to the table with ideas to upgrade your home or business, but when asked- a vision for their company or future. Emotion drives creativity, and you know that they’ll have a stake in the work that they do.

Discuss Leadership And What It Means To Them- When you choose a contractor, you’re giving them full reign over your home or business. You’re putting your trust in them, to manage this huge investment (probably emotionally, and financially), and you’re hoping against hope that they’re going to treat it with care and respect. You’re not going to get the same level of care and respect from someone who isn’t ready to lead his or her team. If your contractor can successfully lead a team, then your work will be done more quickly and more efficiently. You can read leadership from the initial conversation. They’re a listener, they’re thoughtful, they’ll deliver answers on every question that you come up with. And most of all? They have a plan.

1They Want To Learn And They Want To Teach- Here at Restumping Melbourne, we will never believe that there is a crux in the industry, or a pinnacle of when we’ll reach perfection. There are too many amazing vendors in the area, nipping at the backs of our heels. What sets us apart from them? And, what should set your next contractor apart from the pack? Both the drive to learn, AND the drive to teach. Do not think about them as two separate entities. Rather they should drive eachother, the chicken and the egg. If your contractor wants to learn, he or she will tend to be on the cutting edge of new methods and materials to integrate into their work. If they want to teach, you will feel far more looped into the project and up-to-speed on exactly what is happening.

When in doubt, give us a shout. We will cut through all the spin and help you achieve the quality of work that you deserve.