How Different Rooms in Your Home Affect Your Foundation – Restrooms

How Different Rooms in Your Home Affect Your Foundation - RestroomsThere are probably a lot of words in the title of this post that make you scrunch up your face and think, what it is that I’m about to read about? If so, then we’ve done our due diligence because obviously the foundation of your home is impacted by every part of your home and the Restumping Melbourne team is responsible for ensuring that your foundation is top-notch and, conversely, helps your home succeed in every possible way. While this may not be a series of posts, there are certainly rooms throughout your home that are directly impacted by your foundation, and we want to give them some love on the Restumping Melbourne blog. Today, that means taking a look at exactly how you use the restrooms throughout your home.

Restroom, WC, water closet, bathroom, it has all sorts of names, but we know that there are vital reasons that you need to have them. The reason that they impact your foundation so much is the excess amount of moisture that they can create. We’ve discussed this on the blog before as it’s great knowledge to have. Today’s post focuses more on the best ways to use your restrooms so that you don’t even need to call the Restumping Melbourne team to come on over and help out with any issues that you have.

Take shorter showers

We know, they can be the greatest gift throughout the day. Some of us take multiple showers, especially if we’re teammates that love enjoying fitness in the morning or need to make outfit changes in the evening. That’s why we’re lucky to live in the age of products like dry shampoo and other pieces of your routine. Save that water and your foundation will thank you as well.

Clean your sinks and showers/baths regularly

By regularly, we mean regularly. At least once a week if you have the 30 minutes to do so. The more often that you clean any sort of features in your bathroom that emit water, the less work that you’re going to have to do over time. Don’t let this allow you to shirk your responsibility, rather, think of it as a moment of pride every time that you walk in the restroom and know that it’s not only sparkly clean, but you’re also taking care of other elements of the home as well.

Understand why you’re cleaning

Especially when a home is new, (or if you’re very good at cleaning) you may not understand the benefits of tidying and scrubbing on a regular basis. If you peruse even just the Restumping Melbourne blog, you’ll start to understand little things like the concoctions you can use down different drains, so that there’s no moisture build-up and so that larger price-tags like that of your foundation are safe and sound.

If you have questions about any of the above or anything about your home, the Restumping Melbourne team is always here to answer them. Thank you for stopping by our blog.

A Calendar for Home Check-ins

A Calendar for Home Check-insLet’s be honest, we could all do with tips and tools to keep life as routine as possible right now. You might have been the most disorganized person of all time prior to COVID-19, or even regardless, and now you’re craving lists and plans to make you feel as accomplished as possible at the end of the day. The Restumping Melbourne team welcomes you with open arms! You’ve found your people – those that relish order and process; it’s the only way that we continue to be the best in the business. Of course, we love the creative process and pushing ourselves to new limits when working with new materials or determining the best ways to reinforce the foundation of your home. But it would be utter chaos if we didn’t return on a regular basis to the ethos and the strategy that make the Restumping Melbourne team exactly who we are. There will be posts when we flex those creative muscles with you… this is not one of them.

Cleaning your home may seem like a mundane chore right now or it might just seem like kismet timing that you finally have the hours that you missed to complete everything that you’ve been meaning to do for so long. That can either cause pride or stress (or, let’s be honest – every emotion in between!) Take a breath. Know that you’re doing all that you can. Carve out a little bit of time on a regular basis to take care of your home and be strategic about what you’re taking care of. Here are our thoughts:


Sanitize: The COVID-19 virus can live on surfaces for up to three days, but a global pandemic shouldn’t be your excuse for not cleaning down the counters. You may live alone or with a giant brood, the germs are still there and they are quick and easy to annihilate.


Dust: This differs all over the world, but spring fever and allergies are definitely a thing. Even if you’re not spending a tonne of time outside right now, having a light layer of dust on your furniture and floors is the easiest way to end up with a cough or sneeze.

Laundry: Believe us, we’re all about comfort and wearing what works best for you. But not doing laundry shouldn’t be the reason that you can’t wear your favourite jumper while you’re spending time at home. Think about it, it takes a couple of hours tops and will be done before you know it.

Dishes: Don’t become the household that defaults to throwaway plates, utensils and napkins. You’ll feel ten times better if you’re sitting at your table (or on your couch – no judgment) with a beautiful plate of food in front of you.


Check the outdoors and specifically the base of your home for foundation issues (see how we slipped that in there). Gutters before leaves pile up, pipes in case the weather gets too cold and water freezes and any plants or flowers that have seen better days.

Look at that! Far easier than you thought, right? Reach out to the Restumping Melbourne team with any questions and stay safe out there.

Keeping Your House Clean This Season

Keeping Your House Clean This SeasonThere’s a reason that they call spring the season of cleaning. It’s a fresh start. For much of the world, the weather is getting warmer and many are shaking off their winter blues. For us, it’s quite the opposite, but fall still has a warm and welcoming vibe that many look forward to year after year. This year happens to be a wee bit different – with the widespread growth of the coronavirus. That said, it doesn’t change the enthusiasm that the Restumping Melbourne team have to share every bit of information we have or find, to make sure that we’re all set up for the most success.

And that, our friends – starts with cleaning. Here are the Restumping Melbourne tips this season to ensure that your home is spick and span and a place where you not only feel safe coming home to, but you also are happy to host everyone in your circle of family and friends with no qualms at all. Read on for more information:

  • Make it a regular practice. We’ve discussed this before and for good reason. It’s easy enough to clean your home once and think that it will be good for an extended period of time. It’s also easy to blur your eyes here and there and bit off the easy chores that only take five to ten minutes to complete. We’re here to dissuade that practice. That five to ten minutes not only makes your home clean and comfortable now, but it also ensures that further on down the line, you don’t have to spend thrice that amount of time for the same chore when dirt and grime continue to build up. It’s all about attitude. If you have a positive one and put regular chores (be it daily, weekly, monthly) on your calendar or set an alarm, there’s no way to get around it. You’ll feel much better when they’re complete and can even plan a reward for yourself as an incentive.
  • Do it as a family. It doesn’t matter how big your household is or how it’s designed; if everyone in your household understands the importance of regular chores, it makes everyone’s lives easier. Science has even shown that if you integrate chores into your younger family members’ lives at an early age, there are a multitude of behavioural benefits that you’ll see later on down the line.
  • Do your homework on the different products that you plan on using. There is no shame in going all-organic, and there is equally no judgment if you’re someone who believes strongly in the power of Clorox. Either way, if someone was to ask you a question about the products that you’re using, you should be able to answer it. They’re cleaning your home – one of your greatest investments – after all.

We know that it’s not the most fun check off of the to-do list but believe us – the Restumping Melbourne team believes it to be one of the most worthwhile. Questions or need tips? We’re here whenever you need us.