Buying a Home in Need of Renovations?

Buying a Home in Need of Renovations?Welcome back to the Restumping Melbourne blog! We’re thrilled to have you here and to share our passion for reinforcing the foundation of your home. We want to truly support you from the ground up and firmly believe that that begins with knowledge and know-how about all things home building and home renovations. In order to make this happen, we invite you to take advantage of our blog. This is your go-to hub for information about us, our services and the industry at large. If you tuned in for our last post, you know that we’re currently discussing two hot topics—buying a home and renovating a home. Sometimes they go hand-in-hand but sometimes it’s a scenario that you probably want to avoid. Let’s dive back in to discussing renovations that you may want to avoid when purchasing a new home.

In our last post, we covered off on the three “R’s” – rewiring, restumping and roof repairs. (Guess that’s technically four). Today’s first item of business is your heating and HVAC systems. These again are maintenance repairs that don’t have the glitz and glamour but are entirely necessary for your home to be safe and comfortable. The best way to mitigate these costs is to be through in your home inspections. Spot any issues early and talk to the current home owner about it. They will probably be comfortable covering these costs in order to close the deal, which takes something else off of your plate.

Next up is pipes. You can’t see them most of the time, but they are the driving force behind the water that you drink, shower with, cook with… the applications are many. When they’re broken, not only can you not access water, but there may be issues in between the walls without your knowledge. Mould may build up and ruin walls, floors and ceilings. Common causes of burst pipes include frozen pipes and pipes that are just outdated. This is not a renovation that you want to take on if you don’t have to and if you do, make sure that you’ve budgeted accordingly. While worth every penny, this can be an expensive one.

We can’t forget about the great outdoors. Sometimes buying a new home means a blank canvas for your landscaping. But sometimes, there are existing components of the backyard that you know need to go in order to make your vision work. While this may not be cost prohibitive, it can be a time investment if you need to demolish a deck or rip out entire plant beds. Don’t let this be a deterrent if you’re excited for an outside do-it-yourself project.

Hopefully that helps give you a framework of renovations to avoid if you’re purchasing a new home. Questions? Comments? Let the Restumping Melbourne team know. We’d love to hear from you and help turn your house into a home with the help of a reinforced foundation.