Avoid Big Costs at Home With These Small Life Hacks

Avoid Big Costs at Home With These Small Life HacksLet’s face it, homes of any size and style are a bit of a money and energy suck. They don’t particularly mean to be, it’s just the nature of the way that they work. As human beings, we’re constantly driven by the latest trend, no matter what it may be. We’re also frequently playing catch up, as we hurry to mitigate whatever latest problem that Mother Nature, or just life itself, has thrown at us. Between the two, we’re on a never ending quest to better our current home, or ensure that our next home is on that next level.

Thankfully, our brains are also evolving. Our brains tell us that we want to make things easier, better, faster, and stronger. We shirk away from processes and products that take too long, or are overcomplicated. In previous decades, many of these products and processes were related to home renovations or home repairs. But thanks to thought processes like “life hacks,” that’s no longer the case. If you’re new to life hacks, welcome to a game changer. A life hack can elude to anything in your life that you’re improving. Take forever to peel an orange, but you have a tool that will do it in one fell swoop? That’s a life hack! Pretty sure that you’re losing hours of your day due to your morning routine, but that’s all about to change, thanks to a switch-up of your breakfast choice? That’s also a life hack! In general, we’re huge fans. But today, the Restumping Melbourne team is focusing on life hacks as they relate to home repairs. With this list in hand, you’ll have a fuller wallet, and a bit more sanity.

Regularly inspect your roof. We’re talking every six months. If you do, and you know what to look for, then you can avoid costly repairs or replacements. Just one, single shingle or leak, can equate to hundreds of dollars. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you leave such a small problem unattended, it can quickly snowball into a much larger situation. So keep an eye out for any pieces of the roof that look they’re coming loose, as well as questionable cracks, mould, or bubbled paint.

Keep an eye on your drainage. Your drainage plays a huge role in the foundation of your home, which as you can assume, is something that Restumping Melbourne is very passionate about. A little bit of settlement is totally natural, after all- you’re forcing your home into a particular size of space, it may push back a little bit. But there’s an impressive difference in cost, once your foundation begins moving around a bit more. If caught early, foundation adjustments can cost hundreds or a few thousand dollars. But if you leave any drainage issues left unattended, you’re looking at a price tag much more in the $100,000 range. So if you see a clogged gutter, or know that heavy rainfall is expected in your area, make sure that you carve some time out on the schedule to clean out your gutters.

Check on your HVAC every six months. Your HVAC system helps maintain your air conditioning, your ventilation and your heating. This is another piece of the puzzle that can be less costly if you catch early, but those costs rise drastically fast. We recommend checking on your HVAC system every six months, but cleaning the filter every 90 days. If you do so, you can avoid repairs that cost upwards of $1,000.

Tune back in for more life hacks around your foundation and home.