April Home News

April Home News

On the Restumping Melbourne blog, we have a few goals: we like to educate, we like to share, and bonus points if we’re able to entertain. In general, that happens at least once a month, when we share our round-up of the news related to your home that we’re truly passionate about. Believe us, there’s a lot of it out there. But for those who are visiting the site for the first time, you’re probably wondering? Why would a site that focuses on restumping, reblocking and underpinning want to share information around the rest of your home? Isn’t the entire purpose of the business to be an expert in reinforcing your foundation, and then handing over the work to the other experienced men and women in the business? You’d think… but we happen to like taking things above and beyond – including sharing information. Here comes our once-a-month article about what’s going on in the world of turning your house into a home:

A dream home to grow into

We loved this first article because it highlights a really important issue in the process of deciding what home to build or buy. It’s so exciting to be in the moment, especially if it’s your first home or if you’re making big steps in completely changing your path. That said, we want you to pump the brakes a little bit because if you’re making the investment, it means – as they say in the title of this article – that you’ll want to grow into it. Who knows what will happen five years into your mortgage, or if you’re planning on starting a family? This article has sage advice. Check out this link for more information.

Planting techniques for your best garden yet

Tips for planting a garden change all of the time. We know that that sounds weird because gardens look the same year-over-year. But, as with the industry that we work in, the gardening industry grows (pun intended) and evolves all of the time. So, there’s no harm in keeping an eye and a pulse on gardening and landscaping tips and tricks, because we know that you want to be the very best garden on the block. As this article shares, “Increase your growing success by giving your transplants a good start with a few simple planting techniques. Preparing them for the transition outdoors and planting properly will help you grow your best garden yet.” Read the full article here.

Gardening Q&A

And because we were on a bit of a gardening tangent, we wanted to end today with an article guaranteed to make you the best host at your next (garden) party. Vegetables are hard… all outdoor planting is. It’s not like you can simply pluck something out of a basket at a supermarket. Conversely, it does bring the joy of knowing that whatever you’re serving on the table is something that you have designed and cultivated. Looking to start a vegetable garden? Look no further. Click here and you’ll soon be the best veggie farmer around!