Lighting the Exterior of Your Home- Part 2

Lighting the Exterior of Your Home- Part 2Welcome back to the Restumping Melbourne blog! We’re thrilled that you’ve visited, and we’re excited to share with you what we’re passionate about – reinforcing the foundation of your home. We know that when we do this successfully, we help literally build your home from the ground up and turn it into a safe and comfortable space that you won’t have to worry about for decades to come. So while our first priority is your home’s foundation, it’s also important to us that we set our customer community up for success by info-sharing. This blog serves as a hub for information related to the foundation of your home as well as information around home renovations, landscaping and more. If you’ve checked in recently, you read about lighting the exterior of your home. This is important both for the health and safety of anyone living in or visiting your home, but it’s also a vital component of curb appeal. Let’s dive into more tips and tricks:

One buzzword that you’ll hear from experts a lot is “the moonlight effect”. That’s what we’re going to focus on in this post. Sounds mysterious, doesn’t it? It’s actually extremely beneficial for both safety and curb appeal. It’s a very natural look that isn’t quite as intense as a full moon (hence the name), but still helps create both the shadows and the highlights that a moon would provide.

There are some simple and effective ways that you can help create the moonlight effect:

Make sure that you’re highlighting any trees that you have on your property. It doesn’t matter if your exterior lights are up in the branches or at the base of the tree, it provides a pretty stunning juxtaposition.

Uplighting is another method that you can provide unique lighting outside. Instead of tilting lights upwards, try mixing it up and pointing them down. This is helpful for illuminating special features on your property and directing traffic.

As with any home renovation projects, you do want a focus. Conflicting lights can be confusing and not aesthetically pleasing. That can also run up the cost of lighting the exterior of your property and puts extra work on your plate if you have to constantly change out light bulbs.

Make sure that you’re finding the balance between beauty and function. There’s a common misconception that they need to be separated but that’s not the case, they’re actually tied together. Think about the elements that you already have on your property. What needs to be highlighted? Where do you need lights in order to navigate or enjoy your regular activities?

Finally, let’s talk through colour. Multi-coloured lights can be fun, but they can also be jarring on the eyes. Designers recommend that you stick to warm, white light.

Follow these tips and you’ll be set up for success when it comes to illuminating the exterior of your home. Questions? Comments? Let us know. The Restumping Melbourne team would love to hear from you.

Lighting the Exterior of Your Home- Part 1

Lighting the Exterior of Your Home- Part 1While the Restumping Melbourne team was created with the passion and purpose to reinforce your home from the ground up, the rest of your property is just as important to us. We love playing a role in the process of turning your house into a home that you can share with family and friends, making lasting memories. This means that we’re passionate about everything from painting the exterior of your home, to seasonal landscaping to the nuances of different types of lighting.

Lighting is what we’re discussing today, specifically the exterior lighting of your verandah. If you don’t have one or aren’t familiar, a verandah is a roofed platform that lines part or all of the exterior of your home. In order for it to be considered a verandah it should be level with your ground floor. Verandahs are great in all seasons, but especially during the summer and warmer months when they’re the ideal place to relax. They’re also a great platform (literally) to add seasonal décor. During the holiday months you can set up wreaths, trees and other decorations. During warmer months, they’re a great place for potted plants.

But there’s a flip side to the aesthetic beauty of verandahs and that’s their maintenance. Yes, you need to keep them neat and tidy, but you also want to keep them well-lit. When they’re properly illuminated you can feel safe knowing that your home is safe from predators and that there’s less fear of you tripping up your own stairs on the way home.

First up – the basics. Task lighting is commonly found on most verandahs for both safety and security. You can find task lighting options that have sensor activated nights, which will light up as soon as a person or thing approaches your house. Other types of task lights include spotlights angled in a certain direction as well as table lamps which are paramount if you’re an evening reader.

The other type of lighting that we’re discussing today is ambient verandah lighting. As you may assume from the name, ambient lighting is different than task lighting because it’s providing an atmosphere, but not necessarily solving a need. Different types of ambient lighting include string lights and wall sconces – lights that are mounted to the exterior of your home. You can find sconces in all shapes and sizes, there’s one to meet the need of every architectural style. These range all the way from Colonial to ultra-modern. Even though we included table lamps in task lighting, they could also be seen as ambient lighting, especially if they’re set to lower levels.

Lots more to come in the world of lighting the exterior of your home. It’s important to note that there’s not one solution that will suit every home. It’s also important to note that you can mix and match – you’re not stuck with just one solution.

Questions? Comments? Let us know. The Restumping Melbourne team would love to hear from you.

How to Handle Fungi Caused By Water Damage

How to Eliminate Fungi Caused By Water DamageAs passionate as we are about the work, sometimes the projects and tasks that we cover on the Restumping Melbourne blog simply aren’t as glamorous as we would like. Because we’re so close to the work and we chose to be in this industry, we can’t help but get excited about it. And we can’t help but want to share it with our valued community of customers. We try not to think about our customers as just that, but more as friends that we’ll have for life. Part of this relationship is transparent and helpful information sharing, and that’s where this blog comes into play. We’ve been contributing to it for a while and we consider it a hub of information for not just restumping knowledge, but home renovations and beyond. In our last post, we discussed water damage and how it can affect your crawl space. Today, we take a deeper look at some of the causes and results of the damage…. Even outside of your crawl space.

Fungi. Not a word that you like to use any more often than you have to. And unfortunately, it’s one of the main suspects and culprits of the effects of water damage. It’s an increasingly growing problem, worldwide and it effects both the structural integrity of the building the health of its inhabitants. It used to be that scientists would simply sample the air in mouldy buildings to determine the extent of the problem, but that did not nearly display the extent of the issue.

The most common fungal species have some fancy names – penicillium chrysogenum and Aspergillus versicolor. They were followed by 10-12 variations and relatives of these fungi, causing equal levels of ruckus in your lives.

Water damage is most commonly due to either human error, (like that one time you left the faucet running…whoops!) or due to natural disaster. An example of a natural disaster would be flooding. Even simple activities like cooking or showering can allow water to condense without your awareness. All it takes is this moisture in the air and then either extreme heat or extreme cold, for it to react to the building’s materials and the air inside.

We’re concerned about both of the results of fungi – the structural integrity of your home and the health of its inhabitants. Luckily, there are simple and easy ways to keep a handle on things. Look into dehumidifiers, which regulate the moisture levels in each room. These are especially helpful if you already live in a muggy region or area because you’re setting yourself up for success, no matter what Mother Nature has in store for you. Fans are another quick and easy win. You can find them in all sorts of shapes and sizes, no matter what kind of space or design constraints you have in your home. You don’t even need to leave them running all the time, as long as you’re active about using them once a day.

Questions? Comments? Give us a shout. We’d love to hear from you!

Water Damage in Your Crawl Space

You see a blog post title like that and probably grimace a little bit. Not a good thing, that’s for sure. But if you’re visiting the Restumping Melbourne blog for the first time, for the second time, or if you’re a daily reader, you’ve already made a step in the right direction. Welcome! We’re so happy to have you here. If you’re a newer visitor, you should know that we’re the premier restumping company in Melbourne and the surrounding areas and that we’re dedicated to reinforcing the foundation of your home. That means that while this blog definitely serves as a robust one-stop-shop for all things home renovations, our focus is generally on supporting you – literally – from the ground up. So, today, we’re diving into water damage in your crawl space. (Not literally, don’t do that).

So many of us never think about water damage or our crawl spaces, because unless they’re very serious, they’re out of sight. Out of sight means out of mind and that’s a mindset that the Restumping Melbourne team would like to change. Your crawl space is the area immediately underneath your home, where we do most of our work to reinforce your foundation. But, it’s also home to many other systems that are necessary for your safety and comfort. These include things like water heaters and electrical systems. Know what happens when wires and water connect? Not a good situation.

The causes of water damage don’t require rocket science. They’re everything from leaks and flooding to standing ground water, which are all thanks to mother nature and common sense. While some situations are unavoidable, like flooding in the area, others are easy to keep in check if you regularly check on your crawl space and keep an eye on your pipes.

So, what does water damage lead to? One of the most common situations is dry rot. If you’re not familiar, it’s a fungus. It grows in any wood that’s exposed and already has high moisture content (water damage). Dry rot sounds less dangerous than it is – if you don’t keep an eye on it, the wood will degrade and cause really necessary structure elements like the beams, joists and sub flooring to totally deteriorate.

Luckily for you, Restumping Melbourne is an expert at all of the above elements. Even more luckily for you, you visited the Restumping Melbourne blog and are now properly educated about the basics of water damage in your crawl space. But this is only the beginning. Tune in for our next post when we cover fungi and the other elements that cause and are a result of water damage in your crawl space.

Questions? Comments? Let us know! The Restumping Melbourne team would love to hear from you by phone, email or in person. Other topics you’d like to see on this blog? Please reach out with any ideas. We’re excited to partner with you and help turn your house into a home.

Buying a Home in Need of Renovations?

Buying a Home in Need of Renovations?Welcome back to the Restumping Melbourne blog! We’re thrilled to have you here and to share our passion for reinforcing the foundation of your home. We want to truly support you from the ground up and firmly believe that that begins with knowledge and know-how about all things home building and home renovations. In order to make this happen, we invite you to take advantage of our blog. This is your go-to hub for information about us, our services and the industry at large. If you tuned in for our last post, you know that we’re currently discussing two hot topics—buying a home and renovating a home. Sometimes they go hand-in-hand but sometimes it’s a scenario that you probably want to avoid. Let’s dive back in to discussing renovations that you may want to avoid when purchasing a new home.

In our last post, we covered off on the three “R’s” – rewiring, restumping and roof repairs. (Guess that’s technically four). Today’s first item of business is your heating and HVAC systems. These again are maintenance repairs that don’t have the glitz and glamour but are entirely necessary for your home to be safe and comfortable. The best way to mitigate these costs is to be through in your home inspections. Spot any issues early and talk to the current home owner about it. They will probably be comfortable covering these costs in order to close the deal, which takes something else off of your plate.

Next up is pipes. You can’t see them most of the time, but they are the driving force behind the water that you drink, shower with, cook with… the applications are many. When they’re broken, not only can you not access water, but there may be issues in between the walls without your knowledge. Mould may build up and ruin walls, floors and ceilings. Common causes of burst pipes include frozen pipes and pipes that are just outdated. This is not a renovation that you want to take on if you don’t have to and if you do, make sure that you’ve budgeted accordingly. While worth every penny, this can be an expensive one.

We can’t forget about the great outdoors. Sometimes buying a new home means a blank canvas for your landscaping. But sometimes, there are existing components of the backyard that you know need to go in order to make your vision work. While this may not be cost prohibitive, it can be a time investment if you need to demolish a deck or rip out entire plant beds. Don’t let this be a deterrent if you’re excited for an outside do-it-yourself project.

Hopefully that helps give you a framework of renovations to avoid if you’re purchasing a new home. Questions? Comments? Let the Restumping Melbourne team know. We’d love to hear from you and help turn your house into a home with the help of a reinforced foundation.

Things to Look for When Buying a Home in Need of Renovations

Buying a Home in Need of Renovations? Things to Look for (Part 1)Restumping is an important investment that the Restumping Melbourne team is passionate about. It’s the reason that we got into this industry – we wanted to turn houses into homes, into comfortable spaces that you feel confident about spending your lives in. We want to increase the comfortability of your house, as well as the safety. We’re dedicated to reinforcing the foundation of your home, truly improving everything from the ground up. This means that we’re educated about every aspect of home renovations and builds – we have to, in order to do our job effectively. So, we try to share whatever nuggets of knowledge we can on the broader industry so that you’re well-informed about your home renovations and projects ahead.

Today, we’re kicking off a series focusing on a popular scenario – you’re looking to buy a new home. But the kicker is, it’s not new. In fact, it’s dated and needs lots of renovations. Renovations can be fun, and they can be very stressful when not executed properly. Add that to the stress of moving into a new place, and the result can be overwhelming. Some people thrive in these environments. If that’s you, then we congratulate you! If it’s not, you’re in the vast majority and we support you. We want you to go into the home purchasing process with no stress, so if your potential property has any of the following issues, think twice before signing on the dotted line.

Our favourite… restumping. While if restumping is the issue, we know a company that can help. But if this is one of several necessary renovations, then it may make more sense to look at a new property. The thing about restumping is that it’s non-negotiable. Not doing it only leads to issues further on down the road, which will amplify over time. If you’re totally sold on the house that you’re looking at and it needs restumping, make sure that you factor this into your budget.

Next up – rewiring (we’re focusing on renovations that begin with the letter “r” today). Most houses older than 20-30 years would at least benefit, if not need, rewiring. Because this is an invisible change, most people don’t think about it or they neglect it. Don’t let that be your problem. While it doesn’t add curb appeal, rewiring is necessary for your safety and comfort.

Finally, for today, roofing. There are a bunch of tasks that need to be completed in order for your roof to be up to code and well maintained. Do the homework, do the math and determine if this is a trade-off for you. It may not be cost-prohibitive, but you’ll want an expert to validate that. You may need to totally replace the roof, which equals far more dollar signs than minor repairs or repainting.

Stay tuned for future posts discussing more renovations to keep your eye on. Questions? Comments? Give us a shout. The Restumping Melbourne team would love to hear from you.

Why Doing it Right Matters

Why Doing it Right MattersWelcome back to the Restumping Melbourne blog! We’re so thrilled to have you here and to share what gets us excited about restumping, reblocking and underpinning your home or business. Unfamiliar with how it works? We invite you to reach out to our team for comprehensive descriptions of our services, but we’ll give you a high-level definition right here. Each of the above are the art of fortifying the foundation of your home. Why does that matter? You may be asking. Your foundation is literally the reason why your home sits in the ground and why it doesn’t go sliding down the street when weather or wind hit. It’s not as simple as levelling the ground and beginning to build. Instead a complicated and important process exists for almost all homes and businesses wherein supports are rooted deeply in the ground.

This may be an eye-opening surprise to you, but today’s post focuses on exactly why it’s important and why it’s essential to do it right. We recently discussed what sets the Restumping Melbourne team apart. If you missed the post, it boils down to two things – experience and customer service. They go hand-in-hand and they’re the root of our business.

That’s not the case for some and that’s why we share a cautionary tale today. More and more, we’re hearing about companies that cut corners. This disappoints us. To put it bluntly, it makes us sad. We value your business and the opportunity to work with you on turning your house into a safe and comfortable home. We know that you have dozens of other options, but it makes sense to pick the Restumping Melbourne team.

Back to the companies that cut corners. When you don’t properly invest in home renovations and updates, the results can be catastrophic. One story in particular comes to mind. Back in 2011, a restumping business owner was trapped under a home while it was being restumped, resulting in more than $40,000 for the business itself. The home fell from the hydraulic jacks that were being used to lift it up, trapping the worker face down and ultimately breaking his pelvis. The structural damage that caused the house to collapse meant that it was eventually demolished. The company faced counts including one count failing to ensure that the public were not exposed to either safety or health risks and one count that the company did not provide a safe workplace.

The two different counts are important here. We care deeply for the safety of our teammates and ensure that each of them goes through strict and extensive training to handle any situation that the day might throw at them. Your health and safety, as our customers, is vital to us too. That’s why we take the time to meet and talk through the entirety of our process and answer every question you may have. You can ask questions about our equipment, about our work, and you can vet our previous experiences with dozens of happy customers.

The Difference Between Restumping Melbourne and our Competitors

The Difference Between Restumping Melbourne and our CompetitorsWelcome to the Restumping Melbourne blog! We’re so happy to have you here and to share with you information about an industry that we’re passionate about. We’ve been restumping, reblocking and underpinning homes and businesses in the Melbourne area for years, and our company boasts the best in the business. This blog serves as our conversation hub for the topics that get us excited. We believe that one of the best ways to encourage our customers to take care of the foundations of their homes and businesses is to arm them with the information that will help them make the right decisions. It’s not about selling, it’s about sharing.

Today, we’re talking about our industry at large. We’re fortunate enough to live in an area where you have many options to choose from. And we’re excited that you’re here with us. We want to prove to you that you’ve made the right choice, but we don’t think that will be hard to do.

Our Experience

First up, let’s talk through the basics. When you choose Restumping Melbourne, you can expect experience. As mentioned previously, we come to the table with years of it. We’ve fortified the foundation on properties of all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter what style of home you have and it doesn’t matter what neighbourhood you live in. We’ve worked on every different type of terrain, and we’ve worked with every type of soil. We’ve seen sloped lots that would make you nervous and we’ve worked on properties that are riddled with trees. We have dozens of stories as we’ve learned over the years and they’ve helped shape the level of experience that our team members have today. Sometimes our customers are nervous to move forwards with restumping jobs because they know what’s at stake. After all, we’re essentially ripping apart your home. But when you look at our Website and you look at our work, we hope it puts you at ease.

Our Level of Customer Service

Second only to experience is the level of customer service and support that you can expect from the Restumping Melbourne team. While we’re not saying that our competitors are disrespectful, we are saying that we take the extra time to make you feel comfortable. Like we previously mentioned, many of our customers are nervous about embarking on the work. This is only amplified if the team that you’re working with is cold or distant. We treat our customers like friends and want you to know that the relationship continues far after the work is done. Questions? Let us know. Comments? We want to hear them. Feedback? We relish it. It’s the best way to grow and that’s something that we’ll make a priority until the end of time.

There are many other soft and hard skills that set our work and our team apart, but these two are paramount. We hope that they encourage and inspire you to contact us and begin the work of making your home as safe and as comfortable as possible.

Building Sustainably in this Day and Age

Building Sustainably in this Day and AgeIt’s an important buzz word – sustainability. It applies to most industries but is especially important with the work that we do. We literally build and support homes from the ground-up, and there’s no way we can feel good about the work that we do, if it isn’t keeping the values that we hold dear to our hearts, close in mind. If you’re visiting the Restumping Melbourne site for the first time, you’ll quickly learn that there are a few things that we believe are most important. These include things like customer service, communication, transparency, honesty and good old-fashioned feedback. We try and emulate each of these in the work that we do, and specifically the information that we share here on the Restumping Melbourne blog. It influences our personalities and ensures that we come to the table, ready to provide the best work possible for our valued customers.

As mentioned above, sustainability is a big one in this space for us. We really look at the materials that we use, the tools that we purchase and use to do the work and regularly confirm what kind of impact they’re having on our environments. Here are some sobering facts:

  • The percentage of scientists who agree that warming trends over the past century are very likely caused by human activity is 97 percent.
  • Rise in global sea levels have risen 8 inches over the last century. The rate of rise has nearly doubled in the last two decades.
  • The average worldwide temperature has increased 1.5 degrees in Fahrenheit compared to just 100 years ago.

So, what do these have to do with reinforcing your foundation? They’re partly important because we want to look at the materials that we purchase and know that they’re not affecting statistics like those. They’re also important because they remind us of the entire lifecycle of our products. Just because foundation jobs run their course (a rarity if you’re working with Restumping Melbourne) doesn’t mean that those materials just disappear into the either. They hopefully get recycled or used in another fashion. There are so many cool things happening these days with technology and science that wood can in theory turn into a totally different material.

While we focus on the foundation of your home, there are dozens of other ways that you can get after building your home sustainably. The first has many benefits… you can look at the insulation of your walls and ensure that you have a ceiling board. You can assume your bank account will be much fuller if you do this because it saves more money on energy bills. You should also take also install windows that are double-glazed and install solar panels. The ideas are endless; you just need to get creative.

And we can help you get creative. So reach out to the Restumping Melbourne team with questions and comments to ensure that your home is safe and comfortable and everything that you ever dreamed of.

Inexpensive Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Inexpensive Ways to Add Value to Your HomeThe Restumping Melbourne firmly believes that a strong foundation is what turns a house into a home. It’s the glue that holds your home together and if it’s shaky or unstable, it can cause a whole host of other problems. These radiate up through the top of the home and can be incredibly detrimental to its value, later on down the line. There’s huge value in reinforcing your home, because sooner or later, you’ll have to turn it loose on the market. There is so much science in what adds value to a home, especially during the selling process and this changes year-over-year. After all, it’s hard to keep up with architectural and interior design trends, but someone has to do it! Luckily for you, that’s us – the team at Restumping Melbourne. We’re always big proponents of sharing information with our valued customers and today is no exception. We’re a little unique in the sense that we like to maximize the cash in your pocket, and that’s why the theme of today is the small shifts you can make which will still add value to your home.

First up, clean it up

You can’t over-sell the power of a clean home and in it has more long-term benefits than you can imagine. Think about the difference it makes when you clean your hardwood floors on a regular basis, than doing the monthly cleaning that takes hours upon hours. Your home becomes more conditioned to be clean, and it’s just a good habit for you to have in your back-pocket. Make it part of your monthly routine and you’ll find much more pride and joy in your house.

Take a look at your curb appeal

While you may have the most beautifully designed home with the best fortified foundation, that’s not what passersby will notice. We are younger and younger generations with shorter and shorter attention spans. If you can’t command the attention of those walking by, they’ll move on to the next property. This again, doesn’t need to be a big investment, of either time or money. Instead, just think about a few plants that will add colour or unique ways to make your front door pop.

Patch and paint

This combines both of the above. It’s functional and aesthetically pleasing. And it can add thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to your property. The paint on either the exterior or the interior of your home may not even need updating. It could just be a good colour update for the season. However, if there are issues with the walls, the ceiling, or the roof, patching is an important component of this equation. Just make sure that you’re consulting an expert if you’re exploring this space, because you want the work done right.

Questions? Comments? Ideas? Ready to reinforce your foundation and take your home to the next level. Give the Restumping Melbourne team a shout. We would love to hear from you, anytime.